Architecture and fashion. The total partnership is called: Whitney.

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Whitney is the name of the Max Mara Bag made to celebrate the opening of the Whitney Museum in New York. What they have in common? Both are designed by Renzo Piano and look alike.
The relationship fashion-architecture is consolidated by dozens of flagship stores and headquarters of luxury and fashion brands designed by archistars.
You know when you say to someone who is beautiful and intelligent, the ultimate compliment. Create the beautiful and intelligent is the ultimate goal of the association between fashion and architecture.
Since the 80s, that is, since the architects have realized that fashion is not so much ephemeral, that fact hides brilliant minds, character for sale, funds and open-mindedness necessary to realize innovative projects, the collaboration is not more ceased.
The next step, of recent execution, was the piece of clothing signed by an architect for a fashion label. A mention should be made for the fantastic shoes by Zaha Hadid, to dwarfing to the architectural beauty that has managed to give, remaining faithful to its matrix of style has delivered to the femininity a new area of experimentation.
But the Whitney deserves a separate discussion in this speech, especially from the perspective of branding because it comes only as a fashion project in which an architect “tests” his architectural-aesthetic ideas on something that is mobile and wearable, but is a bag that has this speech intrinsic, and plus is a bag-event, inasmuch is dedicated to a motionless. Yes of course, a museum is not only the building, no one is more agrees with this statement than us, but the bag is really aesthetically similar to the building itself, is a tribute to the aesthetics of the container. It is also denoted by the fact that the Whitney Museum is dedicated to the USA art and in the bag, of references to the USA, there is no trace.
Another interesting thing that maybe we will deepen on other articles is the co-branding between the fashion house and the studio. What is the difference compared to what was said? The difference is that it has gone from the relationship architect-designer, to architect-brand until to this that is brand-brand.
In fact the bag is signed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, ie the company founded by the famous architect.
Perhaps we are at the turning point, what began as a partnership between two creative minds has become a marriage involving many creative minds, namely a co-branding and this marriage, between fashion and architecture, to create the “beautiful and intelligent ” it could only be celebrated from who has always made its the term, namely the art and the ideal cathedral could only be a museum.

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