The arbitrary value of street art: Banksy & Co.

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That is to say: “This is not a photo opportunity”

“The value is arbitrary” is written on a wall in New York City, but what do you think is the value of street art? Certainly a quantification has been made: is knows the value of a work by Basquiat, Keith Haring and especially Banksy.
For years the works of Banksy and many other artists have been plundered by unscrupulous art dealers. They have been removed from their original locations and sold in large galleries at exorbitant prices.
So we have been deprived of true works of art that tell the stark reality that often we do not see, works that lead us to reflect on what is really important turning away from ourselves and what we want to hear.

But not only! Since October 1, 2013 has announced that Banksy would realize an art project in New York City. Every day for a month, has created a unique piece through the streets of the city, forcing the residents to move, to move from quarter to quarter, to discover, to see photographing what he had achieved. New Yorkers in this way were able to see places of the city where they would never be, clashed with the reality of the Big Apple that maybe they had only seen on the television news.Banksy has put the spotlight on topics that people would not talk, his success was right to place his works in places where art collectors, dealers and gallery owners would never set foot.”Public art placed in a public place”. But they remained for a short time public because detached from the walls and put in expensive galleries.
Until October 13, the British artist has installed a banquet in Central Park, taking an old man to sell works signed Banksy only $ 60 each. The recessed daily was be $ 420 and many unsold paintings.
Somewhat surprisingly, each painting purchased for $ 60 had a real value of $ 250,000.
So what do you think is the value of art?
A few days ago the spotlight moved to Blue. Indeed on the former rector of the Alma mater, Fabio Roversi Monaco, now chairman of Banca Imi and organizer of the exhibition “Street Art Banksy-& Co. Art at urban state”, guilty of having removed the pieces of plaster with blue designs.
The works were shown in the exhibition at Palazzo Pepoli in Bologna since last March 18.

This thing led Blue to clear, as a protest, the work he had accomplished in Bologna, in the space of two decades, as he had done in Berlin. An act that disputes the “misappropriation of public goods to the public space and the logic of profit and privatization”.
Forget for a moment the economic value of copyright. The question now is: it makes sense to de-contextualize these works? Do not you think that those places, those walls are not chosen at random. I just do not that art was born to be for all, end up being the chosen few. Besides the mother aspect of street art it is that it is ephemeral: born through the streets and undergoes the evolution of time, deteriorates, it wears out.
Now who is right? What is the value of a design of a phrase written on the wall?

Many writers criticize the works of great artists, diminish, perhaps even for the illicit trade made of it. But what is the difference between a writer and a great artist?
“My theory is that every sentence may seem deep. Just add the name at the end of a dead philosopher. Plato “indeed Banksy.

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