Apps for Earth: Apple and Wwf for the Earth Day

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Today begins the weekend and we all have a few minutes more for ourselves and for a little ‘entertainment. Well, this weekend we will also have the opportunity to combine useful with pleasure and make a donation to WWF, simply by downloading from iTunes one of the 27 applications that Apple put on the list Apps for Earth.
In fact, tomorrow, 22 April, one month and two days after the vernal equinox, is celebrated Earth Day, the largest environmental event in the world.
The two most famous names who began to promote it were US Senator Gaylord Nelson and the never forgot President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Born April 22, 1970, now it involves 192 countries and is an event that combines education and information.
But as always, promotion is necessary, for this arise examples of help as Apps for Earth, a partnership in which the two global brands such as Apple and WWF will help the common cause.

How does it work? It’s very simple. All the fees generated by sales of the 27 applications included in the project that you can get on iTunes until 24 April (Sunday, so hurry) will go to charity to WWF that will use them to solve major environmental problems, including:
forest conservation
preservation of seas and oceans
conservation of freshwater
wildlife conservation
projects aimed at solving problems related to food
projects aimed at solving problems resulting from climate change

Inside the app you will find several exclusive content, created specifically for the campaign.

If you want to know what to do to leave a better world, you can buy an app that interests you HERE and then go read the information that Apple and WWF have made available to us all to take consciousness, you will find HERE.

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