Apple Watch: 8 new Commercials for the Smartwatch made in Cupertino

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Apple has released some video, 15-second spots, to present and of course sell the apple watch. In Cupertino they have opted for different testimonial very special and with a great following, such as Jon Batiste, Nick Jonas, Chloë Sevigny and Alice Cooper.
In these 15-second TV spot the house of apple bitten, it is mainly dedicated to emphasize aspects that are increasingly important for a device of this kind, at Health & Wellness concerning monitoring of all activities, from the heartbeat, counting steps, or alert you exactly when you have to open the umbrella to shelter from the rain. New needs for an increasingly demanding public, some also because of Apple itself, which has grown fleets of ultra educated consumers, and aware of what they want and they can have by technology, in particular from them.
Consider Wellness segment, anything that improves and simplifies life, although potentially creates a dependency. And then if you want to enjoy your best device you can always ask for the luxury version in collaboration with Hermes, the historic French fashion house, with a premium price, of course, guarantees you to surround your lucky wrist with their skins and technology, produced by technological Brand now more fetishized.



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