Anohni: a look behind Drone Bomb Me

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anohni drone bomb me

A few days ago it was released the latest videos of Anohni, English singerclass ’71. This new work is somewhere between the visual art installation and a protest videos.
It is a few minutes of pain, oscillating between a prayer and a forbidden dream of an Afghan girl who asks a drone bomb to rejoin her to family who has just abandoned her to the loneliness of life.
The video is like a dream, smoky, breathless, the viewer is immersed in the protagonist’s mind, that looking the sky, her desire the last solemn moment.
The video directed by Nabil, starring the immortal Naomi Campbell and as Art Director Riccardo Tisci, the crew is perfect to create this dark dream. Naomi, frozen in timewith her face flushed with tears, sang in lip-sync on the voice of Anohni, the dimension of dreams seems to be a blank space where dancers move to the beat of the electronic base, with a not-so-veiled reference to the beginning of the century sounds.

The twilight, the martial aspect of the dancers, the coldness of space, perfectly define the chill of loneliness of this child who asks, watching the sky, to be reunited with the affection of her family was torn to life.
It is clear, as confirmed by Tisci, that all of them, the creators of this work, were exactly on the same wavelength, inspired and obsessed by the same concepts and ideas.
The video, spiritually expressive of the sense of emptiness, heartbreaking, we mesmerized and lost in the eyes of Naomi Campbell, and from the gaze of one of the dancers which is reflected the memory of the first, or the second explosion desired, full of the pain of a soul so pure.
This is the first song of New CD by Anohni, which will be release on May.

Here Drone Bomb Me

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