Alphabet and Google: What’s up?

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Alphabet and Google. Img Credits: Robbie Shade
The news of the moment is that Alphabet has become the most capitalized company in the world, surpassing Apple and reaching 541 billion usd value.
And to think that many still do not even know what is Alphabet. Well not bad, because Alphabet does not operate directly in the market to the general public, but only on the financial sector, so it’s quite normal not to know what it is. Alphabet, the most capitalized company in the world is nothing but the fledgling holding company that controls all companies that revolve around the planet Google.

So we find in it the historic companies of Google which now account for 90% of annual turnover, ie: Gmail, Maps, Search, YouTube, Android and Ads.
To these must be added the latest companies arrive that constitute a kind of R & D department consists of various organs and which will bear its fruits in a few time and are: Google X, which is the department to experiment of Google, then there is Calico that deals with research on longevity, Nest that specializes in Home Automation, Life Sciences who studies instead bioinformatics. In addition there are also two realities, Capital and Ventures, that instead dealing with investments in startups including also Uber of which Alpahabet is owner of a 6.8% bought in 2008 which today is worth about 3.5 billion.

So what is Alphabet? A collection of companies founded for a very specific purpose: stability on the move.
In fact, with all the Alphabet, all the conglomerate linked to Larry Page and Sergey Brin can give stability and security of the financial return to investors no longer going to affect the revenue of Google with the operations on research and on the other hand, studying specific funds, they have created an entire company to give life to their ideas that so far have not been bad for nothing, so keep moving technological innovation.
If you have interesting things to add you are welcome.
Alphabet and Google site.

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