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The world changes with your example, not with your opinion. (Paulo Coelho)

I took this sentence as a starting point to talk about a topic that will imply a change for many of us in our jobs in the near future.

In fact, our opinion will probably be more and more fundamental to change the world.

This is because from workers, people who do, active subjects, we will become even more than today, only consumers.

In recent years, in the technological field there has been a lot of talk about Virtual Reality, Ecommerce, App Economy, Blockchain, of which Bitcoins are children, but none of these technologies has really questioned the primary need of human as creator.

At least it did not feel as strong as it was in the industrial world with the arrival of the robots instead of the workers, so much so that today, some factories, have none in them.

In the digital world, in some cases ecommerce has put in difficulty, if not kneeling, the physical chains of the retail trade, but opening up many job opportunities in other sectors.

However, today, on the horizon, AIs, the artificial intelligences and some algorithms able to do work in place of many of us are coming massively.

An example is the news not yet confirmed that Zalando will cut 250 jobs, of marketers to be exact, that is all those men and women who daily try to understand how to sell shoes, drinks, cars etc …

The company should replace them with algorithms, which learn from our behaviors and then adapt marketing policies.

Here is the substantial change of paradigm, the new software is designed to learn and decide what to do in our future in total autonomy.

An example of great impact for the future are the Chatbots, which will replace the role of social media managers, at least those who do not have a decision-making level.

In fact, the Chatbots are software that can respond in chat based on the questions that are made, can be used in any area and are also able to advise a user on purchases and directly suggest the possibility of buying it online. They already exist for Facebook, Telegram and many others.

Another example in the tech area is the replacement of lawyers and accountants with softwares. There where there is no moral and human need, but there is only the need to apply a code, well in that the machines have proved better.

The whole set of things that the softwares do and that will do in our place, are added to all those thinks that are already doing the physical robots in the industrial plants instead of the workers, to which we must add the cars that will soon drive themselves, but this is another matter.

However, all this makes me think that the future for us “human” really will be more and more as consumers rather than workers. It comes to think that few humans will work for all of us, or we will work only for a few hours.

We will be mostly designers, even when we consume. The software will decide based on our behavior and our opinions.

Here, the opinions. Opinions will be fundamental in the design of artificial intelligences.

Elon Musk has already raised the problem, saying that it will be necessary to create institutions that deal with the planning of artificial intelligences, giving regulations, dictated by our opinions on what they can do.

The basic question is, what limit do we have to give them?

Probably the limit is that of not being able to have their own opinions, I think.

Yes, because if the software learns, designs and manages, the robot builds, what do we do? The opinion leaders, no?!

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