Alina Oswald Captured People’s Faces the Moment They Orgasm

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Black and white snapshots of the most colorful moment!
Munich youth portraits, during orgasm!
It is the great debut of Munich’s 24-year-old photographer, Alina Oswald.
“So many people were interested in being part of the project and the experience of having an orgasm on camera.” Alina said, the project is full and strong, especially the contrast between the color and the moment it was portrayed. Smiles, eyes closed, tight teeth, and contracted faces, one of the freer moments that the human being aspires to have captured in an instant.
“The project got bigger and bigger. I put my whole energy and thought into it,”. She usually went to see models with a bottle of wine to make them comfortable!
Obviously we are talking about a particularly intimate moment so, it’s often happened, Alina said, coming out of the room, sometimes she has remained.

“I still have so many interesting people I want to photograph so I can not stop now.”

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you can see other her works on her web site
all credit alina oswald

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