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Alexander Wang: “I like to use creative thinking when it comes to business decisions, and I always like to use business thinking when it comes to creative decisions”,to declare it was, none other than that Alexander Wang. For three years of Balenciaga creative director, now CEO and founder of his personal label which he described: “an American brand of Asian descent with European training”.
It is from June of last year that Wang, in addition to his role as designer has assumed the role of chief executive officer and president, replacing his sister in law and his mother. Wang is certainly not one who looks to delegate, in short, and it seems also make with success: the company Alexander Wang said to be worth about 150 million dollars in revenue with more than three hundred employees around New York, Paris and Hong Kong. But we must trust, because the same company also refused to provide the actual sales figures, saying growth in double digits every year and sales equally divided between clothing and accessories.
Wang he told the reason for this decision in an interview with fashion website BoF, Business of Fashion.
“I always had my sister-in-law as the CEO, and as we grew, and as we expanded, we brought on sales leaders, merchandising leaders, etcetera.
When I got to Paris, it was a very different way of working. Not good or bad, but just different in the sense that everything was very silent. The sales team had their own conversation, the creative teams had their own conversations. I never worked in that way. It was always about transparency, over-communication, and an intent to know each other’s expectations and goals.
When I came back, there was definitely a different viewpoint in how I wanted to be involved with the company. And the discussion of CEO, with my sister, had been something that was going on for a while — she had two kids, I was growing up and I wanted to take on more responsibilities — and it kind of just led to this”.
Two of Wang souls who, it seems, can live together perfectly. “I’ve always had an innate sense of the business side -he explained- and that’s something that’s always interested me. Just having the creative, for me, it wasn’t enough. Essentially, when you’re a creative, you’re a dreamer, and when you’re a business person, [you’re focused on] execution. A dream is only a dream until you execute it”.
And really he grew the boy, which now seems perfectly know the business sector when he explains: “The more that I can be that bridge between the different functionalities within an organisation, the more I feel proud of the work we’ve done together as a team.
The way that teams work is very much that you don’t have to know everything else that everyone else does, but you have to understand their intent. If you are a designer, you have to understand why the merchandisers are looking for certain things. You have to know why the press and communications teams are asking for certain things. You don’t have to know the span of it, but you have listen to it”.
Wang in short, is very positive, grows along with its brand and evolves. He proves it season after season and collection after collection. Brand positioning and the future does not seem to bother him much and maybe does well.

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