AHS! American Horror Story, only bad thoughts!

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AHS, American Horror Story, the cult series from 2011 that terrorizes the world. Revelation of FX, owned by FOX channel, gives us for the past five years. It arrived at the fifth series, after traveling across America has finally landed in the Big Apple.

The horizontal plot in different series is totally unrelated, different is the cast, except for some exceptions. The vertical instead, always points to explain the new and old characters and their terrifying stories with their ambiguous profiles.

Five were the series up to now, and gave 40 minutes of drama and blood to their viewers:

  1. Murder House
  2. Asylum
  3. Coven
  4. Freak Show
  5. Hotel

The sensation is like a Belle Epoque completely fallen and revisited in Grunge. The terror you know, is always laid on a glorious past that the smallness of the human form has let slip away. terror is always full of lust and pain resulting from the obsession of the perfect vision of himself.

Sex, drugs, distress and non-acceptance, the levers that are in series, moving drama. The pleasure of the sorrow and the fact that the characters feel at ease, are the focal point of a drama that takes glued to the armchair every week millions of people.

And this is exactly the brand, strong obsession, from the font of the logo of the series, the characters all uniquely expresses the pleasure of punishment of protagonists never enough borderline.

Hotel last series in order of time, is the exaltation of the concept, the characters never leave the hotel property, which is alive by the will of its creator, it is even more ambiguous of its guests. Central character of the series is an ultra platinum blonde Lady Gaga, which has not abandoned Versace, stops in the glamor of the ’40s LA, interpreting a beautiful and capricious vampire and she becomes the queen of the castle or rather “The Countess”. Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson Jessica Lange, the faces are contorted by a makeup, which emphasizes the necessary madness of the character, which otherwise would not have found there.

It forces you to see the beauty where it is difficult and sometimes impossible to find. The audience is always very high, record numbers for a series it so much niche.

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