Agnelli Milano Bici: from the Milan Design Week, electric bike with style

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A perfect combination of comfort technology and style, the one that never dies, the taste of the last century, to the pedal assisted bike, electric, chrome, with finishes, that tell stories by themselves, Brooks saddle, former tanks used to hold the battery, a maniacal precision in detail, the pleasure of a perfect dress in the form of a bike, these bikes are by Luca Agnelli.
We found all that at the Stone Island space, in Zone Torntona, during the “Salone del Mobile.”
Ended the 2016 edition of the most famous design exhibition, full of surprises, good and bad.
Ecological but with style, Agnelli milan bike, presented some pieces of his collection of bicycles with pedal assistance. It is precisely the collection that we have to talk like fashion and design, a few pieces, unique, that can not miss in the garage or in the living room of men who like to pamper themselves with something beautiful.
The beauty full of nostalgia for a past with a touch of comfortable technology, this simple, little stressful, and very helpful. All this surrounded by soft leather and chrome that bring us back into a past full of memories of beauty that has become a classic.

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