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Very simple, made just by feeling and complicity, the whole video is based on the chemistry and the love of couples.
Mothers and daughters, Lovers and Friends, a mix of feelings and ways of living relations, explained through anecdotes, all dress with the pre-fall 2016 Proenza Shouler.
PS I Love You, recounts the approach and the sensations of feelings affection and how it is externalized. Every genre, every form of this, all dressed from them, directed by Harley Weir, a portrait of couples, in the broadest sense, unpretentious.
Colors, photography, location, simply a white set and the stories; the stories of a normality that recalls a slow day that everybody us has spent one time, an American artistic dream of ’60 or ’70, that grainy imaginary of film shoot, that a that time was very definite, of people that told of themselves, in the truest way possible.
Delicate and pure, at least apparently, in the representation, it is dedicated to the affection and to the fashion, which explains the true everyday clothing and how it is lived in the most intimate moments, seen by an outside eye.
Flowers, sheets of paper and plastic and products of the brand, above all the rush bag of the New Yorker fashion house, the Hava bags.
An insight into a culture that goes on despite everything else, with the affection and complicity, little else serves …
The brand has always stood for hitting with a disarming simplicity, and a few notes of true excess. Attitude now typical of the brand, which always amazes with delicate pearls like these. Adored by the lady of fashion, Anna Wintour, born in 2002, and from there nothing stopped their reputation and their pencils. From their dissertations, made in collaboration, presented in 1998, and entirely bought by Barneys NY, several prizes and awards underscore the delicate and successful approach to these two young men of fashion, that also this time they were not wrong.

Here the site Proenza Shouler.com

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