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It was 2014 when, thanks to photos and interviews by Ari Seth Cohen, the elderly and glamorous ladies Yorkers jumped to the honors of the gossip columns.
It all started with a blog based on the style in old age. Cohen around New York, but also around the world, photographing sprightly old ladies who flaunt look eccentrically elegnati. It is a blog that spoke and still speaks today of that beauty and a fashion consumption that can be achieved only through the experience of a life fully lived in glamor.
The blog, the book and the documentary, Cohen were defined a true fashion collection, a fashion show that takes place every day in the street, where the clothes are created, matched and worn by women over 60 in the most elegant areas of world.
The protagonists are women who are enjoying the glamorous, even if in later life, with grace and panache, marching to the rhythm of the catwalk. The images and words of wisdom timeless that tell the life of the ladies are now become inspired fashion for all ages and prove that age is nothing but a state of mind.


Even if one of them dropped us right while attending a fashion show during New York Fashion Week.
However, the sprightly little old Cohen have become icons of fashion and they are quietly inspiring many fashion houses.
Sue Kreitzman the blog gives a very important tip to the younger generation: “Be bold, be adventurous. Take deep things, surprised yourself and the world. Do not wear beige: it could kill you. Contribute to society, and live big. Life is short, do all counts at the moment is never too late to find your passion. ” It seems almost a legacy bequeathed to future generations, not only designers, but anyone who wants to wear a stylish dress.
It is because, like any trend that respects, the Advanded style was born in the street and then came on the catwalks. One of them said that it also takes months to complete a perfect outfit.
They still do not realize how these ladies have contributed to the trends of today?
Just think of the big glasses and important series of Iris Apfel, the turban hats and flows bands on the heads of women who walk beside you. The coats worn with jeans ripped from teen son of your neighbor. If you think it is just a mix and match a bit ‘pushed, please explain why the collection of hats produced by Giotto Calendoli is even called “Granpa”.
Skirts wheel, the flowered dresses, wool tie, are all signs of an advanced style that no one knows when he was born, and is never finished, but it’s still alive and still relevant.
So the question is: could you be so eccentric, glamorous and audacious as the ladies photographed by Cohen? I hope so…

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