The Shape of Uniqueness

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Let’s talk about mosaics. Indeed, let’s say we start with the mosaics to talk about a particular event in the market. That is, when there are many companies in an industry, but only a real brand.
The market segment of the mosaic, shaking a lot, we can say that is divided between those involved in artistic mosaic with figurative artwork on existing architectures and those who make the mosaic in large sizes, creating walls totally mosaic almost never figured and therefore approaches to the purely construction, similar to the tile industry. Between these two extremes, between the one next to the art and the one near to the building industry, there are all different “shades” of the company. The little art workshop that also makes small masonry works, who does mostly sacred images, who does only the manufacturer of glass pieces and just on some occasions realizes all the work and so forth…
Then there is Bisazza. This company within its sector is not just rare and unique, it is the only one. The only to exist as a brand.
Why? Because it is a brand where no one else has yet even imagined to be able to become. In fact it was hard to imagine. Hard to imagine why a craft almost never have the strength to become a brand, not because of the financial efforts required and the size of farms, as much for the mental strength to imagine brands that almost never guide the companies in these sectors niche in Italy.
To understand what we’re talking about trying to understand this difference: almost all the players in this sector are small workshops or small to medium businesses companies who work mostly in the local areas company. Bisazza is a brand known all over the world, manufacturing activity has international scope, collaborates with internationally renowned designers, works and collaborates with large luxury brands and above all it is the only brand, both in general and luxury industry mosaicist.
Interesting case because they are rare sectors where there is only one brand itself.
A similar case is that of Brembo cars brake systems, which will be discussed in another article.
Two things that allow us to understand immediately why it is a brand than the others in its industry and that can always be evaluated.
First, it is known internationally.
Remember, the brand does not exist except in the mind of the consumer.
We always say: between a brand and any company, the difference is that the brand exists in the collective imaginary.
So, it is clear that if there is a company, someone knows for sure, at least those who work there, but when his “fame” reaches a enough high number of people because it would intrude beyond the barrier of the only stakeholders in the geographical birth area and all these people have a similar idea of ​​that brand, then it has become a brand.
Second, it has a clear brand identity, unique, differentiating it from others and allows them to use this brand identity even for the production of other types of products, namely doing brand extensions.
When a brand can do brand extensions, remaining recognizable, it means its brand identity has transcended the matter to become an idea applicable to different forms of activities.
To date, a bar, a boat or a hotel Bisazza it would make sense!
This means having transcended matter. My style, my identity, my way of doing things. The brand becomes like a person who is always recognizable in spite of the activities they are doing at any given time. If I’m reading a book, driving a car or taking the elevator, I’m always me, it recognizes my identity. For brands the same principle applies, for companies not!
Bisazza was a master in this and I think that many small to medium businesses should look at this Italian example to understand how can become international brands in niche areas.
We skip the speeches closely linked to the product and the marketing and talk about mindset.
Yes, because at the end is always the mind-set to make a real difference, the rest you know, are just excuses.
Bisazza believed in a concept of mosaic new, modern, opulent in some aspects as is the own historic nature of the mosaic, but very contemporary.
They are not limited to do a well done craftsman job, they have innovated in the design, in the picture, in the calls and iconography.
They had the courage to go beyond the story, that too often in Italy is more of a barrier than a push and have had the courage to show different from others and the audience rewarded them.
People if they do make a mosaic in the house never do a mention of the name of who did it, if the jobs is done by Bisazza instead, showing home they say to you: and this one is a Bisazza mosaic.
Today this means for the company from Alte (VC) have ten flagship store in ten of the most important cities in the world: Antwerp, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Milan, New York and Paris.
Also count on a worldwide network of over 5000 dealers.
The brand extension instead about bathroom, which could be called a spin-off, which itself has three very different lines.
Another brand extension was also conducted in the adjacent segment of tiles and finally a product line of home furnishings.
Two other observations should be made on how branding that you can pick up from this brand.
The location strategy.
Bisazza is not just mosaic, is luxury. Is not enough just choose the city where fit for deployment, the district should be chosen with precision, the street and if possible also the side of the street. For every store, the location is worth for the 50% minimum of its own success, both commercial than image.
Clear example is in Milan. The Design District is in Tortona area, the fashion and luxury is Montenapoleone. Although commodity description part of the first, Bisazza is leased in the second.
This is an example of what it means to transcend matter. It’s not just what I do that qualify me, but especially how I do. In this way it is positioned in the consumer’s mind between those who make things luxury. It is a matter of perception. Again, the brand is in people’s minds.
Second observation. If I am a mature, they are able to recognize and respect the other. The same applies to the brand when they do a brand extensions.
The brands mature, or that are based on a target of mature people, when they make extensions merchandise must be well balanced between the self-respect (the brand identity) and the respect of those with whom we interface (the new class merchandise).
In this, we should note that especially in the case of the bathroom and tiles, the brand is a bit ‘out of the way of the degree of opulence that we see more in the mosaics, recognizing a high degree of maturity of the management and reflection of the brand in having a high intelligence to recognize the different nature of these different pieces of furniture.
Having said all that, I would like to conclude by asking a question as critical to the mentality of the Italian craft system: because a laboratory that makes chairs of the highest level of craftsmanship for centuries in Italy has not yet decided to do branding, even a corporate image, while a garage bicycles handmade open from two days in the US, even before starting they have prepared the branding?
Yet the examples of success for those who can do branding, also in niche crafts made in Italy are not lacking …

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