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Which color should have your shadow?

Trends dictate colors which in transparency, they show shades of gray a relaxing thought, We are in the satin side of the world, the tech-color palette is pretty darn basic, a vision of technology now inextricably linked to our lives, that’s small footprint aesthetic has made an important thing.

When it does not you’re talking about a jewel, or better than one device that overcomes the challenge of color mixing their form with their precious materials of a different segment. Forget those colorful and carefree 90s where “If you had my love” of Jlo, was launched a orange iMac G3, that to be able transmit the hot video of the singer he was forced to jump into the pool. Even the MTV generation has abandoned the cover of indestructible Nokia that did express the daily feelings of a decade lived day by day. Now the market does not seem to love the childish colorful vibrations on his technology, and Nokia in fact, now Micrsoft, and Apple have abandoned the market of smartphones and computers characterized by shades of the visual spectrum, because of results at home the color market has brought very few.

As Samsung and teaches MuntainView underlines colors in technology are few and those few are too many … Whites, blacks and grays that give transparency to light precious gray / blue and pink, made according to the house of Cupertino in satin material acts to give If for some thrills when metal and metal meet.

The market makes winning the classic White aseptic, own a technology that sees birth to the east, in that South Korea full the presence of transparent plastic materials so loved by samsung.

O always shiny blacks who win the challenge of the time. Excess color that the super giant Asian technology has given us is a blue waterproof s6.

2015 delves into liquid gold reminiscent of shiny strobe years, where reality was the Motorola Razor V3 D & G Gold is an expression of opulence pre 2009, the heart of a culture with a solid foundation.

Now both super powers of technology offer satin or liquid tone gold or platinum metals that are siphoning off the “no” precious, of the device for which they are responsible. The crisis is ending and now we’re just tired of plastic forms that remind us of the series, too easy to be printed?

Of course the series is the mother of industry that size and shape even the metallic forms of new smartphones and more, but has a completely different flavor, rich in a material that maybe in production costs even less. The color of the pixel that is important now numbered K never has enough brothers to a consumer than a couple of years ago questioned the meaning of SQ, HQ, HD, Full HD, 3D and 4K at 48fps.

Many still yield the classic Sidereal Gray, Black or White Fluo, but Gold is a spark which lights on wereable technology, those not so new devices wrist look like they want to father and mother, but which by nature are different from both.

Everyone wanted to propose them to the market, some companies are back on the market with successful products like the aforementioned M. on that with the ultra customization of its Moto360 kidnapped market. From leather to gold to the clock it is never enough. Luxury for luxury technology meets centuries-old tradition of historical brands of Fashion, who yield to the charm of ‘Higeh tech, to yield are the great, timeless and with a theme of customization software and not only, have through a tweet the chief editor of Voge Japan, ADR, made even more public collaboration with Apple, wearing an ‘iWatch that precious hide the legendary French fashion house, Hermes, a company rich in experience in design and taste imperishable.

Luxury is never enough.From the pockets, the bag and the wrist up to the house, which in ancient structures especially if we think of the old Europe, it contains a large amount of technology that manage a house, adapted to a modernity does not belong but gives much.

The TV has become a giant computer connected to the internet through which we can navigate all our memories strictly in the cloud and enjoy video, music and television from the comfort of an armchair, now no longer you need to even waste your eyes a thousand buttons remotes began to resemble coffee tables, it is all in our unmissable shadow, in the form of app …If I asked you the color of your television probably you’d have a second’s hesitation, the important thing is how many K pixel gives us every time we turn on the. The basic colors, listen, listen, are obviously two timeless Black and Gray, but the transparency of plastic materials gives us non-existent screens with frames and backlit to relax your eyes while watching, plus appreciated as between desktops, laptops, Smartphones and tablets our eyes occasionally need to be pampered, why not with the curved TV, with an adjacent nonexistent frame, the cinema effect insured and popcorn is a must.

So if you asked me what is the dominant color in the technology, I would answer the transparency of a constant connection between all devices of our daily lives, or just one too.

The evolution of the color palette is constant, but meets very often 30 month subscription plans, which up to now have made possible an cheap ultra technologization.

Obviously some people think to their wardrobe while buying a smartphone because black goes with everything but not on the brown, however, it depends on the brown, the same way the blue. white is a summer color, to pair, you must have a wardrobe basic but very rich in forms, in short, the undecided acquire Grey and its nuances, as for the car. In the year that Pantone has, after much research, assigned to Marsala, Pantone 18-1436, technology snob pop diva, is gray and has 3 shades. Because black / Anthracite has gray!

The colors of the everyday wireless technology are those of a classic luxury, that of an ancient jewel that makes us rediscover the three colors of gold, which become protagonists of targeted shells, adding, however, a classic Sidereal Gray that all Apple addicted worship, and that’s it. The color will fail if not in some segments of the market, we can consider or disinterested towards iconicity of the object, more interested to use mechanical product itself, or carefree youth of high school where the color is still an interesting game .

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