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Question: What does it mean to be inside of the brand?
It means knowing how to build an almost perfect brand experience, which in the case Nespresso has meant achieving increases of 30% and more per year since it was born, exceeding the billion euro sales to reach nearly four in a market that today worldwide worth 10 billions. Not bad really.
The best players in the field of portioned coffee is not only an example of how to move well in the world of the roasted bean, namely, with regard to the procurement of raw materials, profitability, organization of business sites etc… but for what we deal in this article we recommend you keep it in mind just as an example as one of the best (perhaps the best) about the sale to the consumer inserted in a journey in which you don’t never leave the brand, conceiving the experience, from the advertising recruitment until the after-sales services, as a same moment, prolonged in the time.
Yes, about the brand experience it talks from years and it is very well known, but how many put it into practice really? Follow the same graphic lines from the communication to the packaging does not mean to do branding, or at least, not at this level.
What must be understood is that today the brand, or as they recited a few years ago, the world of the brand, is the place where you do an experience of which the purchase is just one part.
OOf course, the market lives by sale and the purchase is the substantial part of the mechanism, but if once the time of the sale was to be both the point of contact that final moment of the report, today things have changed a lot. This place called brand has many access points that can be converted also in exit points if the client for some reason feels the urge to abandon the brand.
Inside there are many paths that connect the various moments of the experience and if a customer is located rather well, can continue to enjoy “the tour” of the the brand for many years. In fact there is no longer a beginning and an end of the relationship established. The various assets of the brand is like a dynamic tiles that move according to the needs of the time we live and the management directives, the point of recruitment can be any of these and lead to a long lasting relationship, or the customer may decide to leave the carousel at any time.
Example: advertising can affect a person not yet customer and can induce him to do his first purchase, in the same way can make people feel a loyal customer no longer represented by the brand and so he could decide to abandon it. Even products can make engagement of new targets as similarly be cause for abandonment by others.
This happened for example when the brands of sports cars have opened the spectrum of the offer towards the lower end of the market, taking new users, but losing the “purists” of the brand. In absolute, we can consider every asset and every activity of the brand as a door where we can see get in or get out customers. When the customer is well within the brand, these doors are only a little windows from which give at the maximum a peek outside without much interest.
The system is simple in appearance but hides complex dynamics. The advertising advertizes the brand, the product, the promotions or the special events, then there are the social channels that play both the role of additional advertising channel and the role of customer care and awareness raising, then there are the corporate websites which are the basic information platforms which are a summary of all assets of the company. A piece Importane in recent years have become corporate blogs, given the need to explain more and more why a certain product can be useful and with their landing pages designed to transform all the work of blogging into something more concrete.
Then there are the online stores and those physical who have sales dynamics completely different, in terms of timing, approaches, language and economic. The store can also be a point of contact where you do engagement. Then there are the aftersale services and after yet there are the reviews of the buyers of our products/services on specialized sites of third parties. This is how appear the process following a logical timeline sequence. In reality a good comment on a after-sales service done on a third-party site it can become an advertisement for us and so what was the last piece becomes the first, namely the engagement.
Or entering a store with no intention to purchase our product, a customer can feel themselves attracted by the product and even that becomes a point of engagement. Access points to the brand are as many as the possibility of being seen. The reasons why a person is attracted to it are just as multiple and like the possibility of being seen, are both with a good rate to design and planning.
Surely the important thing is give a cause to be remembered, because the impulse buy has virtually disappeared, everybody before buying something is documented, even if it were only to read a few reviews on the smartphone in front of the product on display in store. Impulse buying that instead still exists is the one studied in the store that implies that the strategy from the engagement to the store it worked (for instance are the socks in case of large shopping centers), but this is another matter.
You understand that once that made it attractive the brand, with strong economic efforts in terms of brand image and brand awareness, being able to create an experience unique it is critical to make feel the customer within that environment who decided to choose rather than the others which is our brand.
When this experience is built well it recognizes from the fact that our mind combines the memories of just a few seconds of the few times that we had to do with the brand and combines them into one environment by cutting the parts between one and the other.
So when we take a Nespresso at home, at that time our mind connects the advertising that we have seen, the passage in a mall where we saw the layout that has intrigued us because different from any other and so in tune with the advertising, then the machine design, the colors of the capsules and the taste of coffee, but also the in-store service and after-sales services.
All that in a dilated moment of which do not even notice, because like a dress made to measure is not felt, instead every idiosyncrasy in the experience is a door that opens to leave the brand.

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