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The Yuccie phenomenon is well established, it is a niche of a cluster that is part of a generation.

The latter is one of the most influential both from an economic standpoint that the ability to manipulate the market and to make that the offer is responsive to his request. We are talking of Millennials, Generation of rupture that brought a new concept of formal, social and customs formalities, far away from The X that are often not much older than themselves.

If we dig into this temporal segment of the market, we find a trend that is no longer a trend, the Hipster, not more, since it has become an effective clustering inside of his generation.

But where was born the Hipster?

He is originally a creature of Caucasian birthplace, is in love with art and culture from the raven color, that in the far ’30s was left to take the rhythmic music of a darkest New Orleans. Today nearly 80 years after the clothes are the same, dusted off the glassware of his grandmother, they put it in the smoky bar where the wood softens the voices of a very large audience, the addicted and the curious, among flat caps, suspenders and pants with the line, we spring up the latest smartphones and we see from collars and sleeves a life that symbolically fixed on their skin.

The beards get longer as the hair, is the advent of the man who has created rituals, not like a combed and maniacally perfect metrosexual like Beckham in the 90s, but those of a grandson who rediscovers love for the single-blade razor, white shirt bag, fitted for the occasion and the pants in light wool.

The clothing from the Sicilian flavor, with the advent of some sub-cultures has varied it is mixed esoteric and a not too distant hip hop, one that mixes his own sounds with an electric taste 68bit.

Exactly in this spark born the Yuccie, is in the inversion of trend found oxygen creative personalities who tied his hair and combed their beards, they decided that their creativity was a business and took microphones, graphics tablets, neoprene and their mac, and with books, albums and clothing lines all beginning strictly self-produced, now influence a market that was slightly tired of the shabby. We all worship the StemPunk atmospheres that hipsters made it necessary, but at some point the world has seen the neon light.

Young Urban Creative, Y.U.C. Aka Yuccie is that “young” millennials who took off his shirt, and he decided that his profession will be different from the bleating behind a desk. He wants to build something of his own, and the market seems too interested. It imposes thus a new aesthetic, which abandoned the brass finish or the beloved rust, is from a more technical materials in dark colors always more similar to but of wrap blacks.

Investors, banks and right-thinking, know that the new generation of entrepreneurs go to the gym, has his arms and neck tattooed, long hair, a beard and has a personality which is an integral part of its business vision.

Unlike the last X and some of the first millennials who coined the dreadful expression startupper, of which they are very proud, and that on the contrary it should be canceled by the algorithm of MutainView from all over the web, this new generation of entrepreneurs will invest in creativity that has been fueled by dint of nights behind a counter or internship X less capable of them. They have the will to invest in themselves.

Let’s talk about numbers, the gains from their iconic and micro enterprises, which are not what the Father has lovingly greased with money from a sweaty career, which are spent mainly on food HQ, tech and clothing.

Are essentially that small section of a generation that grew up in the shadow of X with para eyes, earplugs and strong arms to the beer crates that has discharged, is slowly changing stalled economy.

Let’s call them dreamers, new entrepreneurs or whatever you want, we are talking about “outsiders” who like the formality of wool, the structure of a strap, pull over to the softness of forms that wrap to protect a dystopian world that He is restructuring starting from the values of his older brothers.

The air of ferment that reigns around the lake where the yuccie took its first steps should be similar, but slightly more by technology, in what probably breathed his parents, those Boomers who after the war have rebuilt a world in which differently he had deprived of much if not all. Less pop culture of young Millennials entrepreneurs, creativity poured into the business is obviously post-punk breath, pointing only to adjust to a world that resembles very few people. A facade with fewer frills, companies are increasingly smart and based on creativity of ideas that want the unique effect of enriching the entrepreneur, but to enrich the system through the ethics of each step of the life of their service / product.

The problem of every generation have always been Outsider that looking upwards, looked a little like heaven to them. Those of boomers and X have created, are not enlightened but creative entrepreneurs who dreamed a different companies, a different society, a different costume, are the ones that through the internet have inspired a bevy of evolved mutants Millennials who have decided to improve what they had around.

“The mutation is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from single-celled organisms to the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow and normally takes thousands and thousands of years, but every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward. ”

X-Men film cult of generation, a mental reality for those few who still have not lost hope.

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