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About the Work

The latest work to utilize real time tracking and face projection mapping using a state of the art 1000 fps projector and ultra high speed sensing, ‘INORI-PRAYER-,’ has been released. This project was born when Nobumichi Asai (WOW) approached collaborators TOKYO (, the dancing duo AyaBambi, and the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. This project began when songs were created about ‘life,’ a theme proposed by Tanigawa (TOKYO), who acted as this project’s director. Creative and technical director Asai (WOW) and CG director Shingo Abe (WOW) completed visual production and programming based on inspiration they obtained from the songs. Aya Sato added the choreography, and TOKYO completed the project by making it into a video. ‘Radioactive’ is the inspiration that Asai felt from music. ‘Radioactive’ wields destructive power, and from that brings ‘death’, ‘suffering’, and ‘sadness’. And then, the ‘opportunity’ to overcome those things. Accompanied by the overwhelming performance of AyaBambi, a visual synchronization of black tears, skulls, faces being severed, Noh Masks of agony and the Heart Sutra have sublimated into a single piece of work. The face mapping system made it possible to follow intense performances, which was impossible until now, thanks to the use of the state of the art 1000 fps projector DynaFlash※1 and ultra high speed sensing. The initial dilemma of speeding up the tracking to the detriment of performance latitude was resolved by the WOW team, Professor Watanabe, and Tomoaki Teshima (EXVISION), who trimmed several milliseconds during a trial and error period that lasted approximately three months, enabling the completion of this system※2. The projected image looks like it is integrated into part of the skin, and the expressions on a subject’s face, when it is distorted or transformed, are exponentially enhanced. *1: Jointly developed by the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo and Tokyo Electron Device, and commercialized by Tokyo Electron Device. *2: Dynamic projection mapping technology, developed by the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo, was used for hand tracking and projection mapping. Face mapping technology, developed by WOW Inc., was used for facial tracking.


other work of AYABAMBI



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Bitcoins, BlockChain and ICOs

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The big financial news of these days is the launch on the Chicago Board Options Exchange of financial derivatives that allow you to bet on the evaluation of the most famous cryptocurrency in the world, the Bitcoins.

The news is a bomb not only because the financial market, which has always snubbed and even slightly derided Bitcoin and brothers, has now decided to open to this innovation, but also because it is having an exceptional success, in fact the site of the Chicago Board Options Exchange has crashed multiple times due to too many logins.

You have to think that a Bitcoin in May 2012 was worth 2 Dollars, in 2013 it was already worth almost 200, and on its access to the financial market in Chicago has reached the threshold of 19,000 Dollars, to then settle around 14500.

Bitcoin has reached a market value of $ 271 billion, more than 488 of the 500 Corporation of Standard & Poor’s 500. To be clear, Bitcoin is worth more than giants like Goldman Sach.

Now that we know what we are talking about economically, we need to clarify what the Bitcoins are technically. But first, you need to know what a cryptocurrency is, because it is sensational that there is a price list on a financial market and above all what is BlockChain, because it is the one on which everything is based. And then I also tell you what ICOs are, that is the most complex and perhaps most important financial issue of the next global financial future.

Bitcoin is the name of a cryptocurrency, just like Dollar or Euro is the name of a classic currency.
Why this so trivial specification? Because often Bitcoin is confused with the very concept of cryptocurrency, being the most famous. Yes, it is the most famous, but it is absolutely not the only one.
In fact today there are about 1300 cryptocurrencies, for a value that is around 400 billion dollars. Of these cryptocurrencies, however, only 17 exceed the value of 1 billion.

All these currencies differ from the classic currencies for two main aspects:
1- they do not depend on any state or confederation of states. They are stateless currencies, they exist only in the network.
2- they are not under the control of any bank, such as BCE, Bank of Italy, the Federal Reserve, FMI etc … The only body that manages it is the market demand.

Now the question to ask is, who issues the Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies? Well, this is where the BlockChain comes into play, that is based on a peer-to-peer protocol.
Basically it is a Distributed Database, impossible to tamper with. It is based on Blocks, Miners and Nods.
There is no easy way to explain it, but I will try to be as much easy as possible.
Each block in the chain is made up of two alphanumeric codes which are used to connect it to the previous block and the next one. Each block also contains the number of transitions.
Bitcoins are extracted from these blocks by the Miners. Miners are software that can decrypt blocks and solve very complex mathematical problems. Whenever a Miner solves a problem, a certain number of Bitcoins are released and the block is completed with the information of the transition made.
Finally, there are nodes, which are computers connected to the Bitcoin network, which keep and distribute a copy of each block. If a node were to be broken, nothing would happen because the information of each block, and of consequence of every financial transition, is memorized by each node and no information can be lost.
This makes the BlockChain unassailable by hackers or cyber incidents.

For this the BlockChain lends itself to be used for other functions besides that of cryptocurrencies.

Finally there are the ICOs, acronym of Initial Coin Offering.
They are a method of capital procurement for companies based on the issuing of their own cryptocurrency. This is something similar to an Tender Offer, but with many differences.
First of all, the Tender Offers are issued by consolidated companies, while the ICOs are issued by companies in the Start-Up phase. In addition, the Tender Offers are controlled by all the bodies in charge of the control function that work with the financial market and allow the acquisition of part of the shares issued by the company.
With Ico, on the other hand, the company does not issue shares, but Tokens of their own cryptocurrency, whose value is linked to the company’s performance. So who buys the Tokens, does not have the power to vote on the company and does not have “a little piece of it”, but has a currency linked to the market value of the company itself.

Although still in its infancy and is clearly criticized by all financial institutions, this type of investment could really become the next singularity in the world of finance.
In fact, until a few years ago all financial operators also discredit Bitcoin, and many still do, often they are right, because the investment risk is high and not everyone should participate in this game, but often these criticisms hide the fear of financial institutions to lose their leadership in the face of the most democratic issue of currencies ever seen in human history.

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About Gbreak: an Interview with the Mister Gay Sergio Genna

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sergio genna
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His name is Sergio Genna, he comes from Erice, he is a teacher in health and safety at work and he is not yet thirty years old. Why do I talk to you about him? Because he is not a boy like everyone else, he is the gay Mister in charge and as such is also the new champion of the fight against homotransphobia.
We interviewed him because he will be one of the guests of honor of the Gbreak, which will be held from 7 to 10 December on the Tonale Pass.
Hello Sergio, how exciting it was to win the title of Mister Gay Italy this summer?
«Hi Mattlumine,
As I said several times, I participated in the competition for play, on the advice and push of a friend, I never thought that one night my name would be associated for the first time to the words: “The most beautiful Gay in Italy is … “. Until recently I had not yet achieved the victory, but today I have gained the awareness that this has been and will be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, because it is thanks to the competition that I am getting to know extraordinary people around Italy and not only … Thanks to the various invitations of the most important LGBTQ organizations of our nation, I have been able to discover that my country is not as backward as you think, it is only the civic-political structure that should open your eyes and make yourself account that a not indifferent slice of Italian citizens belongs to this important community, composed of people who have every right not to feel treated as citizens of Serie B. Here, the competition gave me this big chance and there is no greater emotion than representing our community with wonderful people who, as I said before, this experience allowed me to know ».

By winning this title you have also been invested with the responsibility of being the new champion of the fight against discrimination from sexual orientation and gender identity. How do you live this task?
«Surely I’m not a champion of the law and I will not fight ISIS with bibs, as someone wrote, but I will take advantage of all the opportunities that will be given to me to say mine and make sure that even the simple people who are still forced to live their sexuality in the shadows because of prejudices, they finally have a “voice”, making me spokesperson for the needs of my brothers and sisters of the LGBTQ community so that everyone can live their normalcy in our country, feeling like that ».

Have you ever been a victim of injury?
“Unfortunately, the mental closure and ignorance, understood as lack of knowledge and refusal to look at things from a different perspective from their own, still dominate in our country, which I love and I’m proud of, but this closure has me brought to live an adolescence in which to be different was not a quality, but something to hide … I had to pass the phase of my puberty (age when you begin to experience your sexuality) with the classmates and / or the friends who giggled behind me because I was not interested in girls (and I was not even too good at pretending that it was not). Then, finally, maturing I was myself in small steps to make it clear to my family and my friends that in being a homosexual there is nothing abnormal ».

What is prejudice and omotransphobia? How do they fight?
«They are real forms of racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism and sexism that find their foundation in ingrained ignorance; being gay, lesbian, trans, blonde, dark, red is not a choice is a feature, homosexuality is not a choice the omotransphobia it is! This irrational aversion towards homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality and therefore of homosexual, bisexual and transsexual persons based on prejudice, must be fought in the same way that ignorance, ie with information, must be fought».

What could the LGBTQ community do to make itself known and explain its needs to the world?
«We should start from the schools, since it is the school that gives the highest contribution to the civic training of an individual, perhaps also involving the families of the boys, especially the most wary ones. Or even through massive awareness campaigns, seeking the support of the institutions because if our problems remain within our community, we will never have a way to fight omotransphobia and protect those who are victims of it».

How proud is your mom? We read that it is one of your biggest supporters.
«My supermamma is with my whole family (including my grandmother) a staple of my life because:” A TREE CAN NOT LOVE YOUR FRUIT, AS WELL AS THE EARTH CAN NOT LOVE HIS OWN TREE “; he always supported me in all my choices, even when he thought that these could be wrong and gave me one of the most important values: the freedom to decide what to be in life, suffering with me for my defeats, but above all being proud of all my victories, including this one, of which, as you have noticed, it is extremely proud ».

You too will be at the Gbreak. Why is this appointment so important for the Italian LGBTQ community?
“GBreak will be an extraordinary opportunity for fun and aggregation, occasions like this should be increasingly supported, because they make sure to create cohesion within the LGBTQ community, and this is very important because we have to be united if we want to make our own voice. A disrupted community would not have the same strength and impact. ”

What do you expect from GBreak?
«I expect a lot of fun, new knowledge, lots of relaxation and learning to ski …»

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The sweet, polluted, life: Greenpeace and Tvboy pretend clean air in Rome with the steet art

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streetart - greenpeace

Street art – whether it likes or not for its fundamentalist followers – is by its very own nature ephemeral and exposed to the street. It can suffer vandal attacks, come down together with the crumbling wall on which it has lived in symbiosis or it can deteriorate due to bad weather or atmospheric agents. And the saturated air with pollution certainly doesn’t help.

A concept that, expressed several times in a theoretical level, in Rome it has been marked in a clear and visual way. Take Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn aboard the Vespa, as in the famous film “Roman Holiday” or Sofia Loren with the Oscar in hand, and again Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg, Francesco Totti and Federico Fellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Pope Francis. Famous and artistic icons that share their immortality in the eternal city. Ephemeral and eternal. Two contrasts, an oxymoron made even more mocking because, in the artistic revival of Tvboy, these legends wear a mask to protect the face from smog while supporting a sentence: “Clean air now”.
A desecrating street art that comes as a jab on the chin. In the chaotic nature of the capital it is impossible not to stop and look at them along some of the Roman symbols: where can Fellini appear if not in his Cinecittà? And Loren in the alleys of Trastevere where she played the “Ciociara” and thanks to which she won the Oscar in 1962? And then the Colosseum, but also the Trevi Fountain, manifesto of “La Dolce vita”, Pope Francis in Borgo Pio, not far from the Vatican.
The Italian street artist Tvboy and Greenpeace have joined forces for a provocative campaign to raise awareness on diesel pollution: a blitz where art takes on responsibility and asks for so much. The environmental association, in fact, is asking the mayors of the cities most affected by the pollution of NO2 – specific nitrogen dioxide of diesel vehicles – to provide for the restriction of the circulation of cars.
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a specific carcinogenic gas of diesel vehicle emissions, responsible in Italy for over 17 thousand premature deaths a year (a negative record in Europe). Its pathogenic effects are mainly on the respiratory tract, the blood system, and cardiac functions. It is particularly harmful to children, causing respiratory infections, asthma, pneumonia, delayed development of the nervous system and cognitive processes.
«We are at the point where an elementary right, much more radical and irrepressible than others, like the act of breathing, is put at risk. In this circumstance – explains Tvboy – I willingly put my abilities at the service of this protest: a world in which a breath of air is a threat to health is an inhuman world ».
A senseless, oppressive pincer that must be dammed and Greenpeace is ready for its battle: «After months of requests, finally the administration of Rome has said ready to meet us – says Andrea Boraschi, head of the Energy and Climate Campaign of the association -. The capital was in 2016 the city with the highest average values of NO2. It is the responsibility of the mayor Virginia Raggi, like the first citizens of Turin, Milan, Palermo, to envisage progressive stopping policies for the most polluting vehicles, starting with diesels; and building a new mobility system to stem a huge health crisis that affects children above all».


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December 1, World AIDS Day

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“Subsequent decisions have held that AIDS is protected as a handicap under law, not only because of the physical limitations it imposes, but because the prejudice surrounding AIDS exacts a social death which precede… which precedes the physical one”. To say this quotes was Andrew Beckett, the protagonist of the Philadelphia movie, played by Tom Hanks.The film dates back to 1993, the period when the peak of the contagion was reached. Today, there has been a 39% decrease compared to the 1990s. But the problem and probably the injury are still present. And that’s why after 39 years of its establishment, the first day of December is still the World AIDS Day, created by the World Health Organization and then owned by UNAIDS, the United Nations Agency for the Fight against Aids.It is estimated that in 2016 alone, 1.8 million people have been infected all over the world. In Sub­Saharan Africa, new infections have decreased by 48% since 2000.

However, the spread of the virushas increased in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Countries where the number of people who contracted the infection has increased by 60% since 2000 and the AIDS­related deaths of 27%. The virus spreads mainly through sexual (ether and non­sexual) relationships and the use of infectious syringes by drug addicts.In short, after 39 years, we must continue to talk about it, not only because knowledge alone can prevent contagion. But above all to annihilate the prejudice. Already because in this case it is a mixture of misinformation, fear and ignorance.The goal of the World AIDS Day was to raise public awareness of this infection that in 1987 was deadly.Over time, research has won many battles against the HIV virus, but war is not over. Nowadays, thesick are cared for and living for a long time, but many people, especially the younger, and even the younger, continue to be infected.This year’s theme is “Increasing Impact through Transparency, Accountability and Partnership”.But not all the first December, after World Day, will take over an international campaign titled “Let’s end it. End Isolation. End stigma. End transmissions”.

In 2017, victims of HIV infection are mainly people around the age of 50, according to research published last September on the British Medical Journal.According to the British magazine, there would be an increase of 2% in this age group, while the rate would remain stable among the younger. in Italy the situation is similar. Contagion occurs predominantly through sexual, heterosexual and homosexual relationships in the same way. According to Coa’s report, the Aids Operating Center, cases reported last year in Italy were 3451,

but it is likely that they will be added to others due to late delays.This would mean 5.7 new cases of HIV infection every 100,000 people who place Italy at thirteen, with Greece in the list of European countries. In the head for the contagion in our country there are Regions such as Lazio, Tuscany, Piedmont.Access to antiviral treatment in the world has drastically increased, according to the latest Unaids report. In fact, almost 21 million people are currently receiving treatment through antiviral drugs, while they were only 685,000 in 2000. And at least 7 out of ten women infected with the virus receive medicines, which is why maternal­fetal transmission is remarkably high reduced. In 2016, globally in the world, there were 20.9 million people living with the AIDS virus and 1.8 million people who were infected in the same year.

Another import target is PrEP, ie pre­exposure prophylaxis, and involves the administration of two antivirals, tenofovir and emtricitabine, one tablet per day.PrEP works in over 90% of cases (70% in drug addicts).But beware: this is not an alternative to the condom, which does not protect it from the HIV, but also from other sexually transmitted infections.In short, the subject is still very important to the point that Apple has managed to raise over $ 30 million with the RED campaign to fight Aids in support of the Global Fund, the equivalent of 144 million days of antiretroviral drugs that prevent the transmission of HIV virus from mother to child during pregnancy.Over the past 11 years, Apple has donated more than $ 160 million to the Global Fund, contributingto “providing the equivalent of 475 million days of lifesaving drugs”. And on the occasion of the recurrence, there are several awareness­raising initiatives launched by Apple. From the first to the 8th of December, the App Store will host the “Today” stories and testimonies section, while over 400 stores of the World Cup cluster will dress red until December 7th. For one week for any Apple Pay transaction, the company will make a one­dollar donation to RED.

Throughout the year, Apple will donate to the Fund a portion of its revenue from the sale of “Red” products.Research, in short, goes on. We continue to study new drugs and especially preventative drugs. A study in sub­Saharan Africa is underway to assess whether long­term injectable cabotegravir is able to prevent infection in sexually active women between the ages of 18 and 45. The main problem to be solved is always the same: the ability to permanently eliminate the virus from the body. If you stop the therapy, in fact, the virus re­emerges from its “sanctuaries” where it remains hidden. In this sense, immunological therapies could be assisted with the goal of activating immune system cells capable of “reaching” the virus. Or even manipulating the DNA of the cells infected by the virus

with the new techniques of “size and sewing”. Utopia? We can not know.I’m not a doctor but a journalist and the only virus I can try to debunk is that of misinformation. It was 37 years since October 2, 1985, when Rock Hudson was killed by AIDS. He was the first famous character, hit by HIV infection, to publicize his illness. He was the first, not the only one. After him are dead Aids Freddie Mercury, Rudolf Nureyev, Isaac Asimov, Michael Foucault, Arthur Ashe, actor Anthony Perkins and many more. The choice of Rock Hudson, however, was themost courageous because it contributed to reducing the stigma that in the 1980s and 90s was associated with AIDS and partly its homosexuality. As Morgan Fairchild said, “With his coming out, Rock has given a face to all Aids sufferers.”

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Formula E

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formula e
  • formula e
    formula e
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  • 2017/2018 FIA Formula E Championship.
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On Saturday 2/12, starts the Fourth Formula E Championship, one of the highest innovation points we can see today in the automotive industry.

All car enthusiasts will be attached to the monitors to see what emotions is able to arouse this so innovative championship. Innovative for several reasons, some technicians and some social.

The technical aspects give us the opportunity to make an explanation about what is the Formula E.

This is a automotive championship, where compete only fully electric single-seater car, running on city circuits, except for one in Mexico City, which will run on circuit.

Initially the single-seaters were all the same, with the chassis produced by the Emiliana Dallara Automobili, engines supplied by the McLaren Electronic System powered by the lithium battery production of Williams.

Today there are different teams and some are historical names of car racing. We find the French Renault and Citroën, the Italian Magneti Marelli, who competes with the Mahindra Indian team, then we find the German Audi, two Americans, Andretti and Penske and two British, Jaguar which works in partnership with Panasonic and the inevitable Virgin.

On the other hand, with a media circus like the Formula E, could miss the King of all Brand Manager, Sir Richard Branson?!

The teams are 10 in total, each with two riders and 4 cars available for each race, in fact every driver makes a pit stop to change cars, so leave the car with the battery by now discharged and mount on the car with a full charge battery that allows him to complete the 45-minute race.

That being said, one of the most innovative things is definitely the Fan Boost, which consists of an online voting system where anyone, by connecting with the Formula E site or other ones enabled, can vote for his favorite driver. You can vote from 6 days before the start of the race.

The three top drivers will have the ability to use a greater power load than the others for 5 seconds during the race, maybe to overtaking or spacing an opponent behind them.

Now let’s take a look at what this circus means in the light of social change.

First of all, it is a FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) championship, that is, the same institution that Formula 1 is subjected to. It is not an antagonist, but it’s an act of conscience, a way for the most important international car institution to take an ecologist position very strong.

Taking a strong position because it is not hybrid cars, but totally electric, so in a certain way antagonistic to those car brands that now dominate the car market.

Moreover, these electric cars will allow very important developments to be taken in the cars of the global market.

Among the most important, two studies are aimed at charging batteries. The first is to have a greater battery charge power to allow for more mileage and decrease the number of times to stop charging the car and making us enjoy longer trips without fuel stops.

The second is wireless charging, just as it is for tablets and smartphones. Well, that would definitely be a breakthrough, as it would also allow cars of the global market to reload them without having to attack at any charging station. It seems science fiction now, but in smartcity projects it would definitely be a huge plus.

Last but not least, the city is the latest innovation imported from Formula E. Citizens’ circuits showcase the great show of car racing in close contact with people as in the days of the great Fangio, but merging into the urban fabric, still underlining how this championship is prepared to represent the technological and eco-sustainable change for the cities of tomorrow, less polluted, more smart and more enjoyable than today’s.

Among the cities that have accepted the challenge to host the Formula E circus, we have Hong Kong, which will host the first two races, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3, then, in order, we will be in Marrakesh, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City (circuit), San Paolo, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Zurich and will close with New York and Montreal hosting respectively two races each.

For all info, this is the site. 

To rate your favorite Fan Boos instead you can click here. 

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GBREAK | Mister Caccamo His life n His GBREAK

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It’s called Roberto Caccamo, his Instagram profile is very close, he has about 89k followers. Perhaps you will remember how MISTERCACCAMO. You’re nodding, so you understand who he is. He loves to travel, he is always cheerful and almost never dressed. From December 7 to 10, he will be one of Gbreak’s hosts, so we thought he knew it better. We tried to figure out how to combine everyday life with all this online and offline notoriety.

“Really the” notoriety “is something that others feel more than you first -answered Roberto. If you did not tell me I’m a well-known person, I would not have taken it into consideration. ”

Your Instagram profile is definitely cheerful and fun, often speak of smiles and happiness. What is happiness for you?

“Happiness is to feel good about myself and to realize my person. Everything else comes from there! ”

Looking at your profile can see that you are a traveler. What is your favorite place in the world and why?

“Just because I’m always on the road there is no better place than my house! Traveling is magnificent, it opens your mind, but it happens to envy those who can enjoy the daily life of their own home, their own affections and their own family. ”

In your caption you are always very synthetic, we really know little about you and your private life. Who is Mister Caccamo?

“You’ve always been a little elusive and although you share many things online, I always try to keep the most intimate ones for me.

I usually try to evade this kind of questions … just as I’m doing now. ”

  • Roberto Caccamo_05
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  • Roberto Caccamo_01
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  • Roberto Caccamo_03
  • Roberto Caccamo_04


Speaking of Instagram, how can a social person be useful to LGBTQ cause? Do you feel this responsibility?

“I think Instagram is a means to get to many people, and therefore it is also crucial to the LGBTQ cause. In my small way, I try to show the daily life of my love life with my boyfriend, to make it clear that there is nothing else and nothing strange. We love each other”.

From 7 to 10 December we will see you at GBreak, tell us what you expect from this event.

“I expect to have fun with a casinooooo !!!!! Get away from it all because I really need it and enjoy a great vacation between relaxation and party with new and old friends. ”

Why do you think GBreak is an important event for the Italian gay community?

“Because we tend to flee abroad and find ourselves in search of other Italians. Let’s remember to have a beautiful country and ITALIANS DO IT BETTER.

I know, I am very patriotic”.

Can we be a little prying? What do they mean the tattoo you have on your fingers?

“VIXI VICI” I lived, I won “in Latin, and my motto in life: live 100% and do it only to win.

When I am will die, I’ll watch your fingers and exclaim: “YES, YOU HAVE DONE MISTERCACCAMO!” ».

By now we have tasted to make you your own. There is a constant in your photos: the slip. Where did your passion for the slip come from, we can say a bit eccentric?

“It is from the fact that I can not post full nude photos.”

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Italy choc, nothing World Cup. But that’s not all

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Francis Ford Coppola had imagined his “Apocalypse Now” among the helicopters in the orange red sky of the Vietnam War. For Carlo Tavecchio and Gian Piero Ventura the apocalypse has the green colors of the San Siro lawn and yellow of the Swedish t-shirt. The Italian national football team did not qualify for the upcoming World Cups in Russia in 2018: it did not happen from 1958 (organized by Sweden, who is to be seen), the edition in which the participating teams were 16 and not 32 as in France ’98.
When at 14.41 on Monday, November 13, Spanish Spokesperson Antonio Mateu Lahoz whistled three times the end of the playoffs against Sweden, Italy was all plunged into a nightmare that will last at least until 2022, World Championships in Qatar. The tears of Captain Gianluigi Buffon, his last blue race after 175 appearances in twenty years of career, absolute recordman, at the end of the race are the tears and the despair of a whole country. They are different tears: they are not those of Roberto Baggio after the final lost against Brazil in Usa ’94 or those of Aldo Serena after the semifinals against Argentina in Italy ’90. No, these are the new tears of so many generations that will for the first time experience a Spectator World without the pathos of waiting, the anxiety of the game, the emotion of the star, the curiosity of knowing the opposing teams, the climate of 60 million technical commissioners around a pizza and beer, in front of a television. None ItalyBrasile, nothing ItalyGermany, no ItalyFrance, written all attached, with a single breath. There will not be all this, it will be lacking in adults, it will be missing most of the children since, every four years, that Gold Cup accompanies our summers, our lives.

The absence of the four-time champions among the 32 qualifiers in Russia will have not only social repercussions, as evidenced by Buffon hot with impressive lucidity. Between 100 million and 150 million euros, between direct and induced consequences, between resigned sponsorships and loss of the Italian brand, between downward TV rights and FIFA premiums.

Yet, the apocalypse spurred by the top of the national team on the eve of the game was avoidable. The process of kicking off the calcium system after the blue elimination has certainly been a source of truth, between defective facilities and youth sectors that are no longer a champion. But the post was not the victory of the World Cup: qualification failed and, out of every discussion, the current blue team would certainly be enough, with good players and potential champions (Real Estate, Belotti, Florenzi, El Shaarawy, Jorginho , Bernardeschi, the subject of Insignia’s discord) against a Swedish, orphaned Ibrahimovic, where the most talented is Forsberg, a talented midfielder in Leipzig, but largely within the reach of our defense, albeit a bit old. But it did not go this way, complicit a forward race in which the blues failed to approach the race, probably a presumptuous child and a symptom of a widespread mood between technical guidance and dressing. Gian Piero Ventura lost control of the team after the wretched match in Madrid, where Italy was defeated 0-3 by Spain in September. From then on, Turin’s former coach went into confusion, proving he did not have the professional and international car needed to sit on such a prestigious bench. The Ventura man deserves respect for a dignified career in the Italian province, but should have immediately resigned at the end of the match with Sweden: he failed the set goal and, by ct, is the main manager, but not the only one. Instead he remained attached to the armchair for three days before the exoner, probably to pocket the salary he owed until the contract expired. He does not even leave Carlo Tavecchio who, after doubling with the re-election at the FIGC summit, will probably triple: it’s enough to bring a first-name name (Ancelotti is in the pole) to anesthetize a movement that today identifies him as chief executive from send home.
A mockery that crosses Italy from Turin to Palermo where, as is often the case, instrumentalizations have easy life. In the post-elimination debate, he broke the hunt for the alien: stop invasion, is the paste copy of the one who is easy prophet in a sea often fake news. As in this case, it would be enough to put your nose outside the Brennero boundaries to know, for example, that in the English Premier League 67% of players are foreign, in Portugal 57%, in Italy 53%, in Germany 52 %, 49% in France, 42% in Spain. A generalized trend of massive foreign presence in major European championships reflecting a globalized world from which one can not go back. England, Portugal (champion of Europe), Germany (world champion), France and Spain will be in Russia, Italy no.
Yet the so-bored Italian nursery still seems to offer shades of hope, as in Alberigo Evani’s Italy under the 20 th of June of last year, he was ranked third, losing only in the semi-finals against future British champions. The problem seems to arise in the last leap of the football chain: the trampoline to launch at high-level professionalism is not yet in the reach of so many young talents.
How do you start? It’s the question that sneaks across Italy, from the bars to the federation’s rooms. The answer can not be unequivocal in the face of such a dramatic sporting event. In the 1990s, France did not participate in two consecutive World Championships (1990 and 1994) before winning the home in 1998. We will not dispute at this time any edition from host country (see the theme of the above structures) , today we would at least welcome you to attend. But first there is a European in 2020 that today seems far away. How far is Russia in 2018.

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American Crime Story | The chilling history of the Versace crime! the Trailer

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Finally, we know something more. Yesterday was released the first official trailer of American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. After all this time spying on teaser shorts, promotional images and hearing rumors, Ryan Murphy made us even more intrigued.
The second chapter of American Crime Story dedicated to Italian fashion designer will be broadcast next January 17 on US channel Fx. Thank FoxCrime, also in Italian, you will not have to wait long to vividly relive the crime that twenty years ago, in July 1997, brought at the loss of Gianni Versace in her Miami villa.
Nine episodes in which the facts that led to the assassination and the investigations that arose out of it.

In short, if you liked the first series, centered on O.J.Simpson, after seeing the trailer on the Versace case you will guess. The video will catapult you violently to the glamorous atmospheres in which Versace, played by Edgar Ramirez, is surrounded. An unbelievable villa, models and disco parties will be ripped off to project you in the dramatic moments of the murder and its consequences. The inconsolable despair of comrade Antonio, played by Ricky Martin, and his sister Donatella, Penelope Cruz, divided between the insuperable mourning and the need to carry on the legacy of the fashion house.
But, as has happened in the first series, it seems that the true protagonist is the murderer, Andrew Cunanan, played by Darren Criss of Glee, the sadistic unbalanced with a past of prostitution and scams committing the crime for reasons not yet entirely clear.
About Italian, understood as a language: in the trailer the detective strives to say Versace, with the e. By avoiding our ears listening to that cacophonic Versaci with I, which Americans tend to languidly pronounce. Gianni, he would probably be happy!

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ALICE IN WONDERLAND: Tim Walker with the new Pirelli calendar, Enchant

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Alice in Wonderland, is a vaguely tattered and reckless theme, but somehow Tim Walker, photographer of the Pirelli Calendar 2018, has been able to propose something new. A light flavor from the end of the last century is evident with an exceptional cast as Naomi Campbell, Adut Akech, Adwoa Aboah Alpha Dia, Djimon Hounsou, Duckie Thot, Jaha Dukureh, King Owusu, Lil Yachty, Lupita Nyong’o, RuPaul, Sasha Lane, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Slick Woods, Thando Hopa, Whoopi Goldberg, Wilson Oryema, & amp; Zoe Bedeaux. As you can see from names and images, the shots have a cast all blak as protagonists. Walker’s decision to remain completely true to the true story written by Carroll has surely been victorious, fruitful, dreamy, romantic, sexy and fun.

The 45th edition of the calendar replicates the all-black cast as it was only in 1987 by Terence Donovan. Walker said he chose to re-interpret this classic fairy tale in a black key to create a strong contrast to enhance the story of this vast community. He also stated, “As a photographer, you’re standing there, focusing your camera, and looking at a certain white body shape yet again. It does become relentlessly uninspiring when there are so many other forms of beauty in the world.”

The all star cast that was in the calendar said he was all excited and happy to participate in such a project. Not only because of the contrast to the classicity of history, but to the plot of the book that is unfortunately still present. You do not have to hide in the rabbit’s jaw and wait for the world to walk and run its course, you have to live your time and change it.

Although the racial issue may seem like a disagree like that on violence against women and gender discrimination, unfortunately we still live in a society that allows discrimination of all sorts and sometimes even calls them, creating differences only with understanding and ‘breaking down barriers and fear. Abbatting walls, physical and cultural.


  • Pirelli-2018-calendar-04
  • Pirelli-2018-calendar-03
  • Pirelli-2018-calendar-02
  • Pirelli-2018-calendar-01
  • Pirelli-2018-calendar-05

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Coma_Cose: four chats, the first Ep and urban attitudes

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Between February and June they released four videos and in October their first Ep, Winter Ticinese was released. Of course I’m talking about Coma_Cose, a duo born almost by chance in the winter of 2016. His name is Fausto Lama, musician and producer, she, voice and face of the group, called Francesca aka California, DJ. How they have met and born their project is a beautiful story: it almost seems like a song by the Baustelle: electronic music, rap, cosmic reflections on everyday life, what they call “urban attitudes” and the Navigli’s.

They both work as a shopkeeper, often talk about music, so between a chit-chat and a cigarette, there is a desire to try to do something together. What comes out? Something really good. We met them in the “Inverno Ticinese” launch party and decided that they would be interviewed.

We understand, reading about you, that you are not very helpful in explaining the meaning of your name. So I will not start the interview with this question, I just wonder how are you?

Thanks, we’re pretty busy.

On October 13, your first EP “InvernoTicinese” came out, we really liked it, but since we heard it, we have a question that shakes in the head: but in the end did you understand what France has to do with the chips?

Searching on the web we found this: ‘The French claim that French fries were invented in Paris in 1789 during the French Revolution following a campaign by Antoine Parmentier to promote potatoes in France.’

Whether it is true or not, it is probably not known, but the fact that we are in the middle of the revolution is in the gas.

InvernoTicinese was released after a few videos posted from February to now in the web that have certainly intrigued, but not an odd choice?


The Navigli, Ticinese, that part of Milan that does not look like Milan, how did it affect you?

Surely in our songs there are so many areas we inhabit. The darsena, the columns, and the way to Giambellino, in short, the southern part of Milan is our micro-cosmos and is both our white sheet and our vocabulary. Let’s talk about what we live and all that surrounds us is a great source of inspiration.

Battisti, Celentano, De Gregori, in your lyrics and in your arrangements there are clear references to the Italian songwriter, a mix that, while listening to your EP, winds naturally. How did you combine this with the trap and rap?

It would be like asking Cracco how he managed to match the lobster with the mushrooms, our living is made of old disks and the latest super underground stuff we spot on Spotify. You enjoy mixing a bit of everything, otherwise, do you know that bothering the genera predefined?

Discomfort, love and anger, these are the themes you treat. How much does social complaint you have and what do we have to expect from you?

In songs such as ‘Cannibalism’ and ‘Golgota’, but in the last ‘French Fries’ are clear the intent of social criticism … is not that why the music is born? Love is something superpartes and is the ink with which we write the songs, anger is the gasoline.

Vengo dal niente e voglio tutto, mi gira in testa da un po’ (I come from nothing and I want everything, I turn to my head for a while). It’s a powerful phrase, it looks like the mirror of our day.

This ‘slogan’ was born as we came home after seeing Oasis ‘Supersonic’ movie, Manchester like Milan! Apart from the jokes, this phrase represents us a lot and brings with us all that Punk desire we put into our approach to music.

Your next programs?

We are working on new pieces, but for now it’s still all working progress, there have been many live requests and we will soon be leaving for a first round of dates.

Now a question that no one will ever do to you: What does Coma_Cose mean?

Quite busy, thank you.



  • Coma_Cose-(1)
  • Coma_Cose-(2)
  • Coma_Cose-(3)
  • Coma_Cose-(4)
  • Coma_Cose-(5)
  • Coma_Cose-(6)
  • Coma_Cose-(7)
  • Coma_Cose-1

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deianira the terrible- her life her GBreak

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On Facebook Deianira has 71,602 like, you define itself Web Inflencer and if she ask you “tutt’a posto?” ask yourself two questions! Obviously I’m talking about Deianira THE TERRIBILE. She is an easy-to-admire character, her videos from the car, her remarkably Neapolitan accent, her teasing all over and made her famous in the web and social.But she’s not just this. Deianira is not just laughing: she is a growing woman, she is a mom and is now a gay icon, a role she is so proud of.From December 7th to 10th, she will be a guest of honor at Gbreak and so we tried to get to know her better.

Deianira Hello, how are you?

“Very well, I’m taken from many future projects at the site.”

Can we get started right away with questions? Here’s the first one: On your social profiles, you define a Web Influencer. We want to explain what is a Web Influencer?

“It is a person who has the capacity to empathize with an innumerable number of people so that his judgment on” things “is shared by this mass. Often these are new alternatives, new perspectives with which we look at things and which are accepted by many but generally expressed by few. The influencer, he says the same word, has the ability to influence his audience through a natural process, and bring him to share his thoughts, at least as far as I am concerned”.

Few know it, but you’re not just a Youtube character, you also have a real life and a family. How do you do mom, have all these views on Youtube and live your life so privately?

“This job happily allows me to not spare time to my family. However, it is also a hard work to keep my alter ego, or the alter ego that is in all of us TERRIBLE, both from the role of mom and interpersonal relationships. I have learned over time to be very low in everyday life, because no one wants to have to deal with a woman who can not use anger constructively and screams, that THE TERRIBLE”


How do you combine the life of the mother, working woman and web influencers?

“I give him the same times of a real office job. ”

Ask for questions. You’ve become a gay icon! You’re a heterosexual mom, how do you feel in this role alongside Madonna and Raffaella Carrà?

“Good is an honor that fills my heart with joy. When I’m with my fans I feel so much loved, it’s a satisfaction I almost swear because I realize I’ve transmitted far more than I imagined! ”

Why is it important that a heterosexual person is concerned with the issues of the LGBTQ community?

“Because we have to stop making this distinction, we are people enough! You have to be interested because when you do not know something that does not belong to the mass mean anything behaviors attitudes thinking etc. are afraid of it but when you know it does not scare you, one day we will be just people! ”

“Because I’m a woman with a strong feeling and very close to LGBT issues, I like to participate in any event involving my fans.”

What will you do to Gbreak in addition to having fun?

“I will also be Deianira, a 40-year-old who, with her” story “, hopes to tell the story of all of us who despite having fallen, we are strong and we are never late to make and realize a dream!”

here the website


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They call it a desire for freedom. Away from East Germany using imagination

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«Only those who are deprived of their liberty know what it means to be free. Those who are already born free do not know how it feels». Peter Strelzyk is talking. Who is this man? We will get there further, but you just have to know that he is one of those who, in 28 years of wall, chose to risk his life rather than live in a trap.

When, in August 1961, the Berlin Wall was erected from day to night (literally), there were numerous attempts to escape from the next few instances. At first, shaken by such a sudden event and pushed by a still provisional barrage, many ran to West Berlin. For example, along the border, the houses still belonged to the eastern part of the city, but the adjoining sidewalk was already in the west. Some residents managed to jump from the windows of their homes, but soon the entrances and the windows were sealed and blocked.


THE JUMP AGAINST POWER – On August 15, 1961, just three days after the works began to erect the wall, Conrad Schumann, a 18 years old border guard, decided to skip the barbed wire, becoming the first Oriental German desert. Peter Leibing, a journalist from West Germany, captured the jump to liberty with one shot and Schumann became a free world hero and a symbol of the Cold War. But with the passing of years and with the rise of the fugitives, the wall was reinforced more and more. From the barbed wire they passed to concrete slabs which were then reinforced with towers and checks tightened. But for a principle of direct proportionality the more they tried to stem the escape, the more dissenters invented ingenious solutions.

TUNNEL 57 – In 1964, a group of students from West Berlin, led by 25-year-old Wolfgang Fuchs and future astronaut Reinhard Furre, organized a plan to escape the inhabitants of the other side, excavating one of the most spectacular tunnel ever made. Several months to create a passage from a bakery in the Bernauer Straße (West Berlin) underneath the wall and end in a public toilet in a courtyard at Strelitzer Straße (East Berlin). It was 145 meters long and 90 centimeters tall. Exactly 57 people, men, women and children, escaped, but border guards discovered the tunnel 42 hours after it was completed. That night there was a shootout where the unoncommissioned officer of the troops, Egon Schultz, was killed, shot dead by a colleague accidentally.

THE HOMEMADE HOT AIR BALLOON- You imagine being 200 meters away from freedom, from peace, from the end of your sufferings. But one step from the finish line, you plunge into discomfort. No, you didn’t it for just 200 meters. After 34 minutes of travel on a rudimentary hot air balloon, Peter Strelzyk (mentioned earlier) understood that he didn’t cross the wall. They were still in East Germany. But he didn’t despair: his loved ones, together with the Wetzel family, seized centimeters per centimeters a new hot air balloon made of various linens and fabrics. It was the night of September 16, 1979, and the two families left again. After 28 minutes they were once again on the ground: due to a flare higher than normal, they had cracked and thus lost altitude. They were disheartened, they knew they had taken less time than the first attempt, but once they landed, Peter and Gunter Wetzel found a policeman who confirmed to them that they had “landed” in the West.

THE THREE BROTHERS BENTHKE AND THEIR ESCAPES – Ingo Bethke’s parents worked in the DDR interior ministry, but he felt different: he wanted to see the world. On May 22, 1975, shortly before midnight, while two border guards laughed and told jokes, the 21-year-old decided to cross the border near the Elbe river with a waterbed. He knew that trait because he had been there shortly before as a soldier: at the nearest point of the river, about 500 meters, he cut a small crack in the iron fence, then with a wooden pallet he checked the gravel ground in front of him to find and neutralize mines. Thanks to the fog it was not discovered when one would illuminate the surrounding area. Then a half-hour swim before reaching Lower Saxony, before reaching the West.

A ROPE, A BOW AND A ARROW – But Ingo was the first of three brothers to heroically try to escape. All with three unique, fascinating and, nowadays, fun strategies. Holger, younger than Ingo, on March 31, 1983, with his friend Michael Becker, was able to climb the wall by conceiving a kind of “cable car” linking an East home to one of the West. For two weeks they had tried the resistance of the steel wire, they also worked with bow and arrows to send the wire from the other side of the wall, but not to arouse suspicions were forced to tell the curious who were trying out the numbers for the circus .

Then, on the day set for attempting the escape, Holger and his friend, pretending to be electricians, with wires and cables hanging on his neck, got into an apartment in Treptow. On the other side, the Neukölln area, his brother Ingo was waiting for the arrow. After two failed attempts, Holger managed to hit the arrow, but before exulting nearly an hour passed because Ingo could not immediately find the arrow, blocked in a bush.

I BRING YOU OUT BY A PLANE -Egbert Bethke, the youngest of Bethke brothers, wanted to emulate their gesture, but over the years it had become almost impossible to cross the wall by climbing it or digging a tunnel. So it was necessary to fly!

So Ingo took a few lessons on how to pilot an ultra-lighter and later instructed Holger. Then they decided to sell their bar to buy two small aircraft and changed the engines to make them more powerful. Their first attempt on 11 May 1989 failed. Two weeks later, May 26, they tried again. To confuse border guards, they had painted Soviet stars on their planes. They wore military uniforms and helmets with microphones and took flight. Meanwhile, Egbert was waiting at Treptower Park in East Berlin, hidden in the bushes, worried about being discovered and shooted. When he saw his brother Ingo land with his plane, he ran to him, rushed precipitously. Holger, however, remained in the air watching the surrounding area. Both flew just 150 meters above the wall, but nobody noticed them before touching the ground in front of the Reichstag.

SURFING NEXT THE FREEDOM – Two years before, another crazy adventure. Dirk Deckert and Karsten Kluender dreamed of traveling, they loved surfing, sailing. they wanted to be free: «I wanted to live in a country where I could do what I wanted, I did not mind risking my life for freedom», said Kluender.

The two guys lived near the sea and so they thought they were trying to escape to Denmark. One early morning in November 1986, they watched the sea with their ready-made surfboards. They crossed the border without being seen and thrown into the water. But shortly after departure, Deckert ripped his mute. He knew it would be a suicide to continue in the cold water, so he went back to try another day. Meanwhile, Kluender, ignorant of what had happened to his friend, went on his way. A few hours later, exhausted and worried about losing the route, he saw the Danish coastline. He was convinced that his friend had been caught, but the next day, with his new mute, Deckert tried it again. After six hours of sailing, he saw a Danish fishing boat he was looking for him, alerted by Kluender.

Those are some stories of unconscious, romantically free heroes who no one has ever caged. So unconscious that Deckert later said: «If I had known that the wall would fall three years later, I would certainly stay at home».

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OOPS! Agent-Provocatuer-fall-2017

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sexy uncompromising and for yourself! The new adv film of the sexyest underwear brand in the world.

They want to show that for the woman, the relationship between her and her lingerie is something between her and her seductive side, something to feel good about her, and to make her feel herself. Not to satisfy the crowd behind the aquarium!

definitely a different way to see the thing! all to the tune of Massive Attack For Rain–Pray






Creative Director | Sarah Shotton
Story & Direction | Anton Corbijn
Models | Elise Crombez, Magdalena Frackowiak, & Abbie Fowler
Shoot Production Manager | Rosie Bendandi
Stylist | Agata Belcan
Hair | Raphael Salley
Makeup | Niamh Quinn
Manicurist |  Adam Slee
Production | Black Label
Music | Pray For Rain – Massive Attack

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rag & bone x Star Wars, on December 1

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“Our approach was really to re-imagine some of our favorite rag & bone pieces while taking influence from some of our most memorable moments of past and present Star Wars films.”

— Marcus Wainwright





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It’s a Hot Winter: GBreak, a Trip between Relaxing and Fun for the Gay Italian Community!

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We immediately start with a question: “What is GBreak?”

“A community!” Told Betty Pagnin, organizer of the event, who explained to us that it is a “group of people who are mostly united in three aspects: MXM homosexuality, the desire to meet new people, find fun in disco party, relaxation programs, sports activities and dinners with dedicated entertainment.

GBreak’s winter edition will be held from 7 to 10 December in the Passo del Tonale district, between snowy ski slopes, breathtaking huts, in a 4-star facility. The company will also be interesting. At the event, among others, they will vlogger like Deianira and Influence like Elenoire Ferruzzi and then Mr Caccamo and many others.

We, Mattlumine, met the organizers of this event Betty, Travel4Target and Marco Specchia, Art Director of GBreak, and we talked with them.

But let’s start with the basic info. Betty: you direct Travel4Target, tour operator that organizes trips to the community. Before other, you chose to dedicate and invest in the gay community. Business only?

“In fact, all comes from a reflection: with Travel4Target we brought in Italy the format of the event travel for the students, the ScuolaZoo Travel Event. This travel mode, very strong and in the Anglo-Saxon world, was unknown in Italy. Today we travel with us 15,000 students every year. First, no one considered the need for traveling for the kids to have fun and make new friends. Likewise, today there is no event travel format that responds exactly to the needs of the gay community. Yes, there are international festivals in the world that attract thousands of people who are hosting their evenings, but I think the gay community has so many options to have a night out in the disco, but a few opportunities to deepen the knowledge that then turn into true friendships or relationships. any kind. Here, GBreak is born to meet this need, to facilitate new knowledge by having fun, in a dedicated environment and a program that responds to all the demands of the community. ”

You are a woman, only thirty, but a partner of a media company and a travel business executive. You are definitely part of a niche. How do you live it?

“In Italy, being a young career woman is definitely part of a niche! Unfortunately, we are living in a country where the cultural heritage has almost never offered examples of independent women, especially if young people! It is in fact for the new generations, and for me, to fight this stereotype, to make it a real change and to make it clear that gender and age are not factors that determine a person’s validity or presuppose the possibility of success. At first it was tough: they are interlocutors like other entrepreneurs or partners or suppliers who do not know how to approach a young woman, businesswoman, in business. But with determination and seriousness I managed to win my fears at the same time and at the same time my challenges”.

Why is it important that a heterosexual person is interested in the LGBTQ community?

“Because the opposite would be stupid: we must not only concern ourselves directly with what we are concerned about. Of course, you are more likely to marry a cause or project than someone else, but if each of us focuses only on what is within his or her personal sphere, we would end up being a human race for a thousand years! Personally I chose the LGBTQ + community because it is stimulating, I found new ways of thinking, behaving and approaching things that have greatly expanded my way of seeing things”.

Why the GBreak is aimed at gays and not to lesbians ones?

“Because I have knowledge in the gay community and thought about approaching this community first but I do not rule out the possibility of opening the LGBTQ + community to the future.”

How was born the collaboration with Marco Specchia, in art Marc Leisure?

“I met Marco during the selections for artistic figures during GBreak’s last summer. Marco is a valued professional and has been able to make a big contribution to the program, which is why we work together with the realization of the winter edition of GBreak 2017”.

Marco is now up to you. You have a great experience in Milan nightlife, how did you get here?

“It’s the path I always follow, what I love to do, what I’ve always done. And he has always given me a lot of satisfaction. I have always been busy with regional events, which were then imposed nationally. Now I’m starting from the result achieved in my past projects: building an event that already has a national scope. This challenge represents for me the next step in my career, conquered with so much commitment and work (we always forget how much organization and work there is behind the creation of a party or an evening) and also a pinch of talent “.

Marco, did you work with important locals: when did you approve them to propose a gay evening, how did they react?

“Unlike what you can imagine, they were super happy!

At the head of the most important venues in the world there are always great entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs know that gay is a target that enjoys having fun but without creating problems. When these enthusiasts are presented with an engaging format but in which everyone is respected and enthralled with engaging and cheerful people, they accept without hesitation, and thank you for having offered them. There is also something to say that few people know: at the head of the most important localities I’ve worked with and now hold internationally-known gay party formats, there are almost always women”.

What is for you Gbreak?

“An opportunity. For the Italian gay community in general to create an event that today has an average reach but it could become a format of great events and international scale such as the great festivals organized in Spain, America or Belgium. It’s also a personal opportunity, which will bring my career to a new level: not a repeat for a year, but an event trip: so many concentrate and not replicable activities in 4 full days. It’s an occasion for personal and professional growth for me”.

In your opinion, what is the role of GBreak for the gay community?

“As I said before, GBreak is the only true reality of some weight that can be defined as a” gay event “in Italy. It is a time of super-aggregation other than the forms of European gay festivals based on 100% of music: here the difference is that there are hundreds of kids who want to expand their fan club all together in one place. We really talk about aggregation. Then there can be flirtations, love stories, sex, romantic, but especially friendships that remain in time, or that last the time of the event trip. It’s a way to expand your circle of friends, your network, in an easy, informal way, with no stress or performance anxiety as it could create a full festival of exclusive models. GBreak is an opportunity for many: for GBreakers to expand their knowledge; for the gay community to become more and more relevant to the other groups; for Italy, which has an extra weapon to become an international gay attraction destination; for artists who can stay in close contact with their audience who love them in a protected, familiar and peaceful environment. In short, GBreak will also be at the 14th edition, but I think we are all just beginning”.

Any rumors about this GBreak issue?

“This will be the” opulence “edition ever and at the same time also the most naturally funny!”

Betty, do you want to give us some anticipation for the future?

“I prefer to do another thing: ask you, Mattlumine readers, and all past and future GBreakers as you see next GBreak. We are already beginning to organize the spring / summer edition, but I’m really curious: how do you see it? Where would you like to go? What would you do? I am full of ideas but still no certainty, so the future of GBreak would be great to build it together! ”

For more info here the website



photo _just_esse_

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Welcome to Herzogenaurach, the city where you have to choose whether to be Puma or Adidas

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Helmut Fischer was born in Herzogenaurach in 1949 and, interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, admits: «My heart has always been for Puma». Why Puma and why should he specifies it?
Herzogenaurach is a small German town of just over 22,000 inhabitants, not far from Nuremberg, and for decades has lived in a state of rivalry that brought the same citizens to split into two: Puma and Adidas, two of the largest industries and brands of sportswear, were founded here, in Herzogenaurach, after World War II. Born after the split of a family-owned shoe company, Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. A break more than a split with its negative feelings: Adolf – called “Adi” – one of the two brothers who ran it founded Adidas, while the other, Rudolf – known as “Rudi” – built Puma.

A bit Montecchi and a BIT Capuleti, in this city of Bavaria by the glorious textile past, the inhabitants began to join factions and “feuds” hovering as if they were two rival families. Many of them worked and still work for the two companies present nowadays in Herzogenaurach: Puma has its headquarters on the north of the river Aurach, while Adidas on the south.
This split, over the years, has also had repercussions on everyday life: in the past, “mixed” marriages were banned, there were different places to avoid being in contact with the “rivals”, each one had their own trusted shop like the butcher or the pub and the two teams in the town, ASV Herzogenaurach and FC Herzogenaurach, respectively represented Adidas and Puma.
But that’s not all because also religion and politics were involved in creating specific identities: those who married the Puma cause were Catholic and conservative, while Adidas were Protestant and Social Democrats.
In short, from clothing to choice of where to drink, every facet was dominated by the pressing and Herzogenaurach became famous for being “the city of bent necks”: a person before greeting and starting a conversation with another person, checked what shoes he was wearing.

But why there is so much hatred? Let’s take a step back. In 1924, the two brothers Adi and Rudi decided to start a shoe factory with so many beautiful dreams and a small room: the first place, in fact, was the room where their mother lay the laundry. Adolf was involved in the creation and manufacture of shoes, while Rudolf paid attention to the distribution.
The turn was a decade later: it is said that they reached international exploitation in 1936 by supplying shoes to Jesse Owens, the black US runner who dominated the Berlin Olympics and won four gold medals. For the Dassler brothers that was their luck.
But business brothers argued often. Many, too many quarrels, a resounding during a World War II bombardment. Thus ended the hostilities, the two in 1948 decided to split the company half by spreading the employees. Adolf, therefore, created Adidas (a pun between Adi, his diminutive, and initials of surname), while Rudolf his company who initially called Ruda before the present name Puma.

For more than 70 years, however, the inhabitants of Herzogenaurach have lived a “civil war”, but today according to Helmut Fischer this rivalry has been very severed. Of course, on the street you can see different logos, but according to the mayor German Hacker the climate is much lenient. And he says that in the past he had to wear an Adidas shoe and a Puma shoe at the same time or balance himself dressing both companies. The first citizen also built a new fountain with a statue depicting two children playing the rope and wearing both shoes, while in 2009 Puma and Adidas employees played a mixed team match (workers against executives and have won the first 7-5) as a sign of reconciliation. The used ball had impressed the marks of both companies.
Two big industries in the hands of two brothers. And then there would be Horst Dassler, son of Adolf, who inherited the company and who in 1973 created the Arena, another well-known brand of sportswear apparel. But this is another story…

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An eternal spring, a freshness that will not abandon us throughout the winter is that of ERDEM X H & M, available in stores since November 2.
The short FILM of the collection “The Secret Life of Flowers” was directed by Luhrmann, the director who made my generation grow with Romeo + Juliet, the Moulin Rouge and the Great Gatsby.
The short has been conceived as a dreamy film, is set in an old English villa haunted by a lush spring. Obviously in full Luhrmann style, beyond the spring and the ERDEM collection, the protagonist is love, precisely a triangle, where the three protagonists, emerging actors Tom Rhys Harries, Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Ruby Dagnall are allowed to carry passion, jealousy and love, in support of mysterious hostess Harriet Walter. A mixture of magic, love and light tension, which in view of the most festive and melancholic period of the year and in a climate so full of expectations, never hurts.

“It’s a metaphor of our time: the world puts us to the test, but in us the things that really matter continue to grow, as in an eternal spring”
Baz Luhrman

you can see the collection here…

Alcune immagini dal lookbook

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Inès Rau – the first transgender model on PlyBoy

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cover photo instagram ines

The first issue of Playboy after Hugh’s death is also the first in which was published a transgender playmate. Times have changed Hugh. The historical magazine that has made “soft” eroticism a status recognizes the beauty of a woman who was born trapped in a man’s body. I read a lot of discordant opinions about this exit, and about her presence on this issue. Certainly it could have been simply a tribute to the founder, but it was not, they wanted to scandalize and probably have succeeded. In fact, many of their readers have said that they will stop buying the newspaper if the editorial line remains this. Better to lose them than to find them in my opinion. Ines Rau, 26, Parisian, professional model. said: “I’m an advocate for anyone who is afraid to be who they really are because they fear being judged or rejected.” Of course, newspaper sales may not be the best, but I do not think it’s a real drama, because buyers of the future do not argue on two vectors, and they are not necessarily lovers of “blond and swollen tits”, indeed. Probably this change occurred at the right time.
We only hope that the editorial board will give us more and more pearls of this genre, because of the Genre/Gender we speak, the recognition of the beauty of a genre that many people already appreciate, but tacitly. If PlayBoy slams it in a number, and more in the first without Hugh, it certainly makes a lot of noise. I.R. she said, I always had the fear of not being understood, of not being loved, never find a guy, but then I said, it’s not a matter of being loved by others, but to love themselves. I personally love it when, involuntarily and candidly, it becomes the banner of a daily battle that many face. So wonderful editorial line, the new one, in fact, than the young ladies and their interviews on their interests and their beautiful days kissed by Californian sun, on this issue you will find interviews with Chelsea Handler and James Corden and a thorough report on the LGBTQ community of Uganda. A country not really friendly to the community where the state often supports the gender discrimination, if discrimination can be called the offense of being themselves.



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“Mario Schifano and Pop Art in Italy”

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In Lecce, baroque temple, the canvases of the most important contemporary art authors of the second half of the twentieth century land.
Italy has also had its Pop Art. And whoever wants to find it can do so by visiting the exhibition “Mario Schifano and Pop Art in Italy” until October 23 at the Charles V Castle in Lecce. On display are the canvases of four artists that marked the history of Italian and international art from the second-twentieth century, forming Rome at the so-called ‘Piazza del Popolo School’. These are Franco Angeli, Giosetta Fioroni, Tano Festa and Mario Schifano. The motives and objects of the common imagination, from the history of art to everyday life, in these canvases take the form of abstract experience or pass through concepts such as mass society, the characteristics of the metropolitan city, the union of artistic genres and new languages, at the same time as what was happening on the other side of the ocean, in America.

The path to the castle is part of the work of Franco Angeli, which, following the archaeologist’s experience in the 1970s, has its most flourishing period reproducing and reinventing the past, with large canvases recalling swastika, or the obelisk of People’s Square or even US Dollars. Simple, easy-to-understand symbols, but also appeal to power and violence, from scythe and hammer to real eagles. Paintings where the fears of a past that can’t be forgotten and whose traces still feel, come alive in the midst of starving skies, invoke imagination, poetry, hope.
The “Liberty in Geometry” of 1969, by Giosetta Fioroni, is one of the strong pieces of the exhibition. A painted silver woman, daughter of industrial colors, stands out on a geometric background. Eyes that charm, controversial like those of the famous Valentina of Crepax. The advertising imagery of the age, the poetics and sensuality of women, their faces, their lips, even the hats, are at the center of the work of the only woman of the ‘School of the People’s Square’, survived to his fellow men and still alive. His canvases in 2013 were also exhibited at the New York Drawing Center. ‘Giosetta Fioroni, Silver’ was the title of the exhibition in the USA, then re-designed in Rome, where works on canvas and paper were collected, from 1956 to 1976, along with some 1967 videos.
The “Blue Persian” by Tano Festa, is the color concentrate that takes visitors in the third room of the castle. The symbol of the historic towns and villages of Italy, the Persian, becomes a work of art. An open window on a world of colors, from orange to green, for a poetic intervention that makes it a unique piece.
Finally, the triumph of colorful temples, for Mario Schifano’s “Aquatic”, where the references to the nature and technique of squeezing colors from the tempera tube directly to the canvas, without brushes, are summed up. A technique that manages to give to the work three-dimensionality and hypothesizes the visitor.

Interesting and iconic is the picture ‘Futurism Revised’, which rephrases in Pop Art the historical photography portraying the founders of the Futurist group Luigi Russolo, Carlo Carrà, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Umberto Boccioni and Gino Severini. No appearance but only contours, for a canvas that expresses the historical and symbolic value of a period of the twentieth century that Schifano wants to keep imprinted in memory.
The exhibition is curated by Luca Barsi and Lorenzo Madaro, promoted by Theutra and Oasimed, in collaboration with Galleria Accademia di Torino, with the patronage of the Municipality of Lecce and the support of Axa Cultura Lecce.

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