Street art comes to life by detaching itself from the wall. Here you are MAUA, the Museum of Augmented Urban Art in Milan

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Let’s take urban art that intrinsically brings with itself the merit of being within everyone’s reach. A precious cultural “democratization” that can be assimilated and appreciated by many just walking through the streets of a periphery or along glimpses of the busiest cities. Extemporaneous and ephemeral, open to continuous interactions, but with only an indeclinable paradigm: life and death in an indissoluble relationship with the wall that houses it. But with MAUA, the first museum of augmented urban art, the work is scratched from the wall to continue its path of visual communication turning into a parallel and almost visionary work of digital art.

Milan has opened its streets to a new, widespread museum. It might seem like an oxymoron, but moving from a historically recognized quality to street art, the MAUA project wants to generate a participatory model to propose unpublished cultural itineraries embracing little-known areas far from the center. It is an invitation to get away from the usual set up tracks, freeing ourselves from mental blocks and looking with different eyes at five areas of Milan such as Giambellino-Lorenteggio; Adriano-Padua-Rizzoli; Corvetto-Chiaravalle-Porto di Mare; Niguarda-Bovisa and QT8-Gallaratese. Here the cross-media with digital devices, for example the smartphone, is essential: those who decide to immerse themselves in the museum without borders can consult a map with the 50 murals that have been put alive with augmented reality, select one or more works, edit the own route and start the tour. Arrived in front of the work, through the Bepart app, the murale will animate on screen and it will be transformed into a digital work of art.

Re-using a lucky slogan of a hip-hop streetwear brand that says “for us, by us”, the MAUA was born from the idea of involving the inhabitants of the neighborhoods not only as recipients, but also as creators and curators from the first research phase. In fact, in September and October 2017, hundreds of inhabitants, students and associations from the five districts selected the most representative works of their area and photographed them together with students and professors of the CFP Bauer school, identifying a final selection of ten murals. An advanced experiment of participation that led to a mapping of 218 works in Milan and 50 of these, as mentioned, have found a new dimension thanks to the inspiration of 50 young animation designers during a workshop at BASE.

«A museum is a place where can witness a moment, a passage, a thought; a space in which the memory of the past is conserved, collecting traces and signs, so that those experiences, seen, experienced and deepened, can be useful for the development of a community. An experience like that of the MAUA can therefore serve to tell also this our time, which makes bloom everywhere, spontaneous, creativity and beauty, ‘fixing’ them in a virtual space without separating them from their context, and animating them where they were born to invite everyone to raise their eyes, and discover them», said Filippo Del Corno, councilor for Culture of the City of Milan, talking about MAUA that was born from the project “Milano Città Aumentata”, one of the 14 winners of the “Bando alle Periferie” promoted by the City of Milan to rethink and to enhance the neighborhoods.

We can hardly try to keep you still looking at the article when there is a parallel world that deserves to be explored. For this reasom, we’d like to add only other brief information:

– Starting December 18, you can book your city tour on;

– Who does not have the opportunity to move can see the animations in augmented reality framing them on the MAUA catalog, published by Terre di Mezzo;

– The complete map is on, Bepart app and in free paper format at BASE and Infopoint of the City of Milan;

– Bepart App for free download from Apple Store and Google Play;

– The project website is:

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