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15 anni wikipedia

01/15/2001: 15 years Wikipedia

Yes, there seems it always been for us, generation of Internet users, but are only 15 years that Wikipedia has come into our lives. Born with the name of Nupedia in 2000 from the minds of Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, becomes Wikipedia in 2001 more and under their direction. A direction somewhat free, because the epochal innovation of Wikipedia is its management self-calibrated, which means that every user can write a Wikipedia entry, there is no drafting that from the top, controls the work done, but are the users themselves who control each other, reporting and correcting any mistakes.
So Wikipedia is shown to be the best example of the Hive Mind of which we speak so muchwhen is at stake as the speech on the Web, that is the ability to create a superior mind that is created by all the minds of the people of the earth. We can not say that with Wikipedia we are already at this level, but in fact, Wikipedia is creating the first form of globally shared culture, which is a fundamental part of any mind.

All we read Wikipedia to know anything that we are not sure or do not know and are lots of items that help us in this, for accuracy 37 million in 300 languages and for curiosity instead, it’s nice to know that Wikipedia exists even in Tsėhésenėstsestȯtse language, the language of the Cheyenne, who with 578 items in front of only 2,000 speakers also turns out to be a language with the users among the most active.
Another thing typical of the Internet, which somehow make the difference from the real world is the use, created especially for the virtual worlds and RPGs, are the languages invented from scratch, that is, that in the physical world do not exist, and some of these do exist on Wikipedia.
Indeed, you can find entries in Esperanto, Volapük and Ido.
Wikipedia is difficult to explain as a brand, because its rate of institutionalization is so high as to make it an institution comparable to that of a government or a government agency. What do you mean? In the sense that there are some brands, such as may be those government, finance, healthcare, generally are public and of the state, to which we are so used to take them for granted, as if it had always been and will be forever, we never ask questions on these brands, we take them for granted as the earth under your feet, and in fact, if it disappears Wikipedia from one day to another would be a bit ‘as if we felt to miss the earth beneath feet.

Wikipedia in these 15 years has become for us all just that, the brand on which we rely more without remittances, without asking if it is true or just what we find on Wikipedia, we take it for granted. Wikipedia is certainly the brand in the world with more user confidence and is the first institution globally recognized from the Internet users around the world and the first globally recognized institution in history to be born directly on the web.
That is, being able to give a clear definition of the brand of Wikipedia is this: the first globally recognized institution in the world of Internet. One of the cornerstones of our time, first symbol of internet users institution which does not ask any authorial voice or sponsorship of any institution of the physical world. Wikipedia is the first indelible mark of the world on which people will build the Hive Mind and the Shared Knowledge.

15years Wikipedia: Image a World without a Free Knowledge

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