15 Years of Donnie Darko: Frank our favorite nightmare!

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It’s been 15 years since the release of the film Donnie Darko, when a rabbit about 6 feet tall, named Frank just said to Donnie, Jake Gyllenhaal, -There’s something I want to show you – from there, from that January 19, 2001 , the reputation of one of the strangest films I have ever had the pleasure of watching, never stop until it becomes a real Cult, one of those who will destabilize.
Destabilizing enough to leave in silence, stunned and motionless the whole audience, weigh during the end credits. I distinctly remember the feeling I had the first time I saw it: a strange feeling, balanced between hatred and adoration, perplexed think that’s the right word!
Donnie is a classic story about coming of age, less.

t is so borderline as to be timeless, a teen thriller that has an almost religious flavor – spiritual – a journey accompanied by this ominous animal guide. This film has taught to my generation that is healthy to question the reality that is around you and what you have been taught, without thinking that what is imposed can not be disputed to find own space and identity.
In 2004, it was presented the version with the director’s cuts, as many as 20 min more, if you are among those who have not understood the first version, I recommend watching it will worsen your situation and the addition to a real artwork.
I can not tell you how many times we must look at him for not having the veil of slight anxiety and melancholy that leaves upon, stressful, full of meanings and references.
Happy Birthday Donnie … nowadays is complex to produce a cult film, or rather a film that remains fixed in the collective imagination and that, to be honest, define a trend, but Richard Kelly, with the entire cast, were able to transforming a generational film in a pleasant nightmare cult.

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